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Get Smart is an American comedy television series, parodying the secret agent genre that had become widely popular in the first half of the 1960s with the release of James Bond films. It was created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, and had its television premiere on NBC on September 18, 1965. It stars Don Adams (who was also a director on the series) as agent Maxwell Smart (Agent 86), Barbara Feldon as Agent 99, and Edward Platt as The Chief. Henry said that they created the show at the request of Daniel Melnick to capitalize on James Bond and Inspector Clouseau, "the two biggest things in the entertainment world today". Brooks described it as "an insane combination of James Bond and Mel Brooks comedy".The show generated a number of popular catchphrases during its run, including "would you believe...", "missed it by that much", "sorry about that, Chief", "the old [such-and-such] trick", "...and loving it", "if you don't mind 99, I'd like to handle this [repeats what she just said]", "of course, the [such-and-such], just one question, what is the [such-and-such]" and "I asked you not to tell me that". The show was followed by the films The **** Bomb (a 1980 theatrical film made without the involvement of Brooks and Henry) and Get Smart, Again! (a 1989 made-for-TV sequel to the series), as well as a 1995 revival series and a 2008 film remake. In 2010, TV Guide ranked Get Smart's opening title sequence at number two on its list of TV's top 10 credits sequences as selected by readers.The show switched networks in 1969 to CBS. It ended its five-season run on May 15, 1970, with a total of 138 episodes. The Museum of Broadcast Communications finds the show notable for "broadening the parameters for the presentation of comedy on television".

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    S·T·S Unli Vid Unli Dl

    Share ko lang po hehe baka wala pa nagshare...😅 Pwede po pala gamitin sa playstore yung video everyday, so kapag unli video, unli dl din sa playstore. Dati ko pa napapansin kala ko bug lang. Kung alam nyo na baka ako lang napaghuhulihan HAHAHA
  2. G

    Smart Palibre ni Smart!!! CALLS & TEXT for 7Days Grab nyo na!! for Smart Users Only!!

    Text UNLI150 send to 6406 doon nyo gamitin sa walang load na Smart para makasiguradong walang kain sa load!!! T.Y. lang sa post ok na ^_^
  3. S

    Closed New promo

    Alam nyo naba itong Promo na ito? nakita ko lang sa FB baka maka Diskubre kayo New Tricks,100 for 1month
  4. G

    Closed May blocking ba smart no load?

    Sino na nablock sa no load ni smart mga lodi.?
  5. C

    Smart Secret promo ni smart kaya up to 10gb per day.

    Hi mga ka PHCORNER! gamit ko na yung promo na eto for a month sulit na sulit tlaga dahil 10GB na wala pang block. siguro marami pang hindi nakaka-alam ng promo na eto kaya SHARE KO NA sa inyo. kaya nito up to 10GB per day. -Http Injector -Kpn Tunnel Ultimate -Postern -VPN Oppps! sorry ha...
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    Closed Ayaw mag data connection

    Maga bosing patulong naman po. Bkit wala na aq data connection sa
  7. S

    Closed Solved blocked (smart sim)

    ============================================== Pag na block po yung data ng sim nyo sa Smart just dial *888 mag pa assist kung papano maibalik yung data ng sim. ============================================== Menu 1 (step 1) for prepaid / buddy press 1 need assistance with your plug it share it...
  8. I

    Closed Question po

    may bago na po bang tricks for smart? wla pa po ako makitang working eh salamat po
  9. A

    Closed Tanong ko lang po kung may bago sa smart trick para di magcap thanks po

    tanong ko lang po kung may bago sa smart trick para di magcap thanks po :)
  10. M

    Closed Eto sumbong ni spy

    Grabe talaga mga spy ngayon, pabonggahan sa strategy sumikat lang SUMBONG PA MORE KATROPA!!! naisahan ka balbon:ROFLMAO:
  11. F


    GUYS! Nag babalik ako para mag share. Maaaring hindi ako kilala ako dito pero gusto ko lang sana mag share ng tricks! Ako yung may naka discover ng bug sa globe na. and still kicking sya. pero 2016 ko pa sya ilalabas. So Smart muna. Para sa nahihirapan kay opera15. eto na yung alternative way...
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    Closed Help

    New lang po skin ang VPN dahil may ng introduce sakin ng free net Psiphon daw gamit nia... hindi ko nmn mgamit un bigay nia siguro dahil mbagal ang internet data ko... di ako mkaconnect..... Bumili n nga ako sim n LTE jump in. Sana matulungan nio ako mag karoon ng free access s...
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    Closed Smartbro free internet using webproxy

    Another free internet na naman hehehe.....1 month ko nang ginagamit procedures in attachment.... Update as of 3/30/2015 Hindi na sya nagana. Kung gusto nyo ng freenet meron dito:Smart & TalknText - Smart free internet revival | PHCorner Community Download speed screenshots ko .....

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