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Smartphone ad hoc networks (SPANs; also smart phone ad hoc networks) are wireless ad hoc networks that use smartphones. Once embedded with ad hoc networking technology, a group of smartphones in close proximity can together create an ad hoc network. Smart phone ad hoc networks use the existing hardware (primarily Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) in commercially available smartphones to create peer-to-peer networks without relying on cellular carrier networks, wireless access points, or traditional network infrastructure. Wi-Fi SPANs use the mechanism behind Wi-Fi ad-hoc mode, which allows phones to talk directly among each other, through a transparent neighbor and route discovery mechanism. SPANs differ from traditional hub and spoke networks, such as Wi-Fi Direct, in that they support multi-hop routing (ad hoc routing) and relays and there is no notion of a group leader, so peers can join and leave at will without destroying the network.
SPANs started being used in Iraq in 2014 to bypass government restrictions on Internet usage, in the 2014 and 2019–20 Hong Kong protests, in 2015 in anti-government protests in Russia and by youth in the United States.

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    Closed Coc10 help

    baka meron po kayo ehi na pang coc10?
  2. T

    Closed Tele10

    ask ko lang May cap ba si tele10 ?
  3. T

    Closed Whats 10 may cap na

    may cap na ba whats 10 ? sobrang bagal sakin
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    Closed Smart blocking

    dami ko pong sim na smart puro blocked data . may way po ba para ma unblock mga boss sayang naman kase eh
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    Closed Pwede makahingi ps ng coc10

    nagreg. po ako sa ig10 ,tapos dl ako ng ig ehi.,ok naman po nagkonek.nung nagreg. naman po ako sa coc10 tapos ayaw na kumunek.baka meron po kayo pancoc10 na ps.thanks
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    Closed Coc2

    ano ho PS at payload ng coc2 ?
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    Closed Guys ptulong nmn ano pde gmitin png ml

    Patulong naman n pedeng gamiting pang laro ng ml...
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    Closed 800Mb capped

    Pano i uncapped ang 800 mb for TNT?? Net speed ko po ngaun 10kbps sakto . Ty sa tutulong
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    S·T·S Free browsing using tramsbro plug-it on your pcs

    Ganito gawin nyo, kuha lang kayo ng Smart o TNT SIM tapos isalpal nyo sa modem ng Smartbro plug-it. Wag kayo gagamit ng Smartbro SIM dahil walang free internet yan kahit pilitin nyo. I'm using my only one Talk 'n Text sim. You don't need to change any internet settings. Kung connected ka nga at...

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