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  1. J

    Smart no load only trick pasok!!!

    Share ko ito para sa smart user no load all you need to do is copy paste this link to your url browser. Smart Prepaid users not for Smart Bro or Sun or TNT Then type mo ung site na gusto mo puntahan then go. For browse and educational research only. Thank you.
  2. J

    Closed New found freenet

  3. W

    Closed Smart

    freenet po sa smartkickstart llike hpi or etc. ^_^
  4. R

    Closed Smart prepaid & broadband configs for pc.

    For Desktop/Laptop Lock Payload Unlock SSH And Remote Proxy HTTP Proxy Injector 0.0.8 Download Configs HTTP Net Header 4.0 Download Configs PHCorner Members. :):)
  5. P

    Closed Any freenet for smart

    I'm still new to these things. I need help for some internet tricks for smart prepaid. Thanks
  6. P

    Smart Pasok vizmin !!! 100% working no load no promo !!!

    Part I: Exclusive lang po ito para sa taga Visayaz at Mindanao ... No Load/No Promo ... Tested sa Smart Prepaid Buddy Sim ... Part II mamayang gabi para sa TuT kung paano gumawa ng malalakas na ehi sa smart no load no promo ... Part III : Globe/TM default No Load No Promo !!! Abangan nyo sa...
  7. D

    Closed Ios freenet for smart?

    Hello, Meron akong android and ios device. Sa android ko, globe and sa ios ko, Smart. Matagal ko nang gamit gamit ang HTTP Injector ko sa android with my Globe sim kasi stable tlga ang internet and totally free. Ask ko lng sana if there are anyway na magka freenet rin ang iPhone 5 ko? iPhone 5...
  8. G

    Closed Looking for freenet vpn or ehi for smart

    Guyss pengeee pooo pleaseeee
  9. N

    Closed neZone PL for smart freenet

    Mga ka ph before the year end may ibigay aq sa inyo this will let you hide hui setting if want after installation just use smart hui present tricks para makapag net kau. neZonePL.apk -
  10. M

    trams freenet 072113

    nakarecieve din siguro kayo ng notification tungkol sa maintenance nila ngaun starting 12 am.. baka huli na to at iwipe na mga tweaks kaya sulitin na.. no need for configs apps or anything.. just connect with your browser.. its free....... for now.. ayun lang...

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