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A smart TV, also known as a connected TV (CTV), is a traditional television set with integrated Internet and interactive Web 2.0 features, which allows users to stream music and videos, browse the internet, and view photos. Smart TVs are a technological convergence of computers, televisions, and digital media players. Besides the traditional functions of television sets provided through traditional broadcasting media, these devices can provide access to over-the-top media services such as streaming television and internet radio, along with home networking access.Smart TV should not be confused with Internet TV, IPTV, or streaming television. Internet TV refers to receiving television content over the Internet instead of traditional systems such as terrestrial, cable, and satellite, regardless of how the Internet is delivered. IPTV is one of the Internet television technology standards for use by television broadcasters. Streaming television is a term used for programs created by a wide variety of companies and individuals for broadcast on Internet TV.
In smart TVs, the operating system is preloaded into the television set's firmware, which provides access to apps and other digital content. In contrast, traditional televisions primarily act as displays and are limited to vendor-specific customization. The software applications can be preloaded into the device or updated or installed on demand via an application store or marketplace, in a similar manner to how applications are integrated into modern smartphones.The technology that enables smart TVs is also incorporated in external devices such as set-top boxes and some Blu-ray players, game consoles, digital media players, hotel television systems, smartphones, and other network-connected interactive devices that utilize television-type display outputs. These devices allow viewers to find and play videos, movies, TV shows, photos, and other content from the Web, cable or satellite TV channels, or a local storage device.

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    Closed Help po! smart sim blocked

    Hingi po sana ako tulong, kakabili ko palang kase ng sim ko nung saturday, tapos sunday ng hapon bigla nawala yung data, baka na blocked na sya, pero im sure di pa ako umaabot ng 700Mb. di ko na ngayon magamit sa data, kase ayaw na lumabas ng data signal. sana may makatulong pano i unblock...
  2. P

    Closed Paano po kaya maiunblock yung sim kupo sa smart?

    Paano po kaya ang gagawin kung yung sim kupo na smart na blocked? Maraminh salamat po sa mga sasagot!!!
  3. I

    Closed Smart blocked problem

    meron ba mga boss paraan para maiwasan ang pag ka blocked ng sim sa smart?salamat in advance sana ma pansin :)
  4. P

    Closed Smart bro blocked

    help nman po mga master
  5. I

    Closed Blocked smart sim

    lagi nlng kseng nabloblock sim ko after 2gb :( pls help sir. nadidikdik nako dito sa bahay kakasermon mahal daw paload tapos di magamit
  6. I

    Closed Pa help po ! how to unblock smart lte sim :(

    lagi nlng kseng nabloblock sim ko after 2gb :( pls help sir. nadidikdik nako dito sa bahay kakasermon mahal daw paload tapos di magamit
  7. U

    Closed Smart data sim blocked help

    Guys i really need help pano i unblock ang na blocked kung smart sim. Please anyone thank you po.
  8. B

    Closed Iwas block sa smart

    Big credits sa Admin namin. Credits nadin sa mga nauna . MONITOR YOUR DATA USAGE. Sa mga smart all sim na parating nablablock kasi kahit alam nila na sa ganung MB o GB pwede na mablock ang sim na gamit nila peru di nila mamonitor kasi di nila alam kung pano malaman ang na consume na nila na MB...
  9. P

    Closed Smart prepaid blocked no h+

    .. pano po hindi na maulit ang ma block ang sim sa smart? ang data usage ko po ay 120 mb lng.. hindi kasi ako heavy downloader but still no signal indicator pa rin po.. ngayon tinawagan ko ang smart.. within 24 hrs bumalik na nman.. pero after 24 hours din block nman ulit.. pang lima na po ito...
  10. A

    Closed New Unblocking tricks

    ano po working na pang unblocked ngayon ng sim sa smart ? :) hindi kasi working sakin ngayon ang web trick or 3g on/ mms on . service unavailable kasi lagi sa webtrick :banghead:
  11. P

    Closed Jump In (forever blocked?)

    pa help naman jan oh,simula kasi nung nag BUG ako sa SIM ko, yung FB2 per day,ayaw na gumana ng data ko, (wala nang lumalabas na 4G,H+,H,3G,E or kahit G) nasubukan ko na po roam off at web trick, may ibang way paba dito? matagal na kasi tong sim ko na to, saka eto gamit ko sa mga pinasan ko ng...

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