SITE (originally also known as Sculpture in the Environment) is an architecture and environmental design firm founded in 1970 by James Wines.Located in the Wall Street area of New York City, the firm aims to unite building design with visual art, landscape, and green technology.
In the 1970s, SITE became internationally known for a series of highly unorthodox retail facilities for Best Products. While keeping the basic shape of a simple brick box, SITE gave the exteriors of the buildings an ironic postmodern twist, often suggesting *****s in the brickwork or deforming walls.
The severely distressed crumbling walls of the Indeterminate facade near Houston, Texas purportedly “appeared in more books on 20th century architecture than photographs of any other modern structure.”

Despite possibly representing "the apex of American Postmodernism," all the BEST facades disappeared or are now unrecognisably transformed.

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    Yung pwede sana sa CODM ayaw kasi ng ibang config nageerror sa codm wala pa daw sa country yung codm stay tuned ganun ganun HAHAHAHHAHA
  2. A

    Smart Smart Unli data for all site

    Smart Unli Data for All sites.. Dating 99 ngayon 125 na
  3. P

    Help Register smart unli all site using ZLT-S10g modem (*123#)

    May way po ba na maregister sa *123# smart unli data for all sites yung sim ko na nasa modem (ZLT-S10g). Kasi ginagawa nililipat ko pa sa cellphone yung sim then dun ako mag dial *123# para ma-register ko sa smart unli data for all-site. Hassle kasi mag tangali-lipat ng sim card from modem to...
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    For Sale SMARTLOAD DIRECT 15% OFF (Unlimited w/ Site Access)

    FOR SALE : SMARTLOAD DIRECT (Smart, TNT, Sun) I am selling SMARTLOAD DIRECT available for SMART, TNT & SUN Available din ito para sa mga gusto magresell at may FREE ACCESS sa site na ginagamit para sa pagload 15% Discount Legally paid and licensed corporation May groupchat ako ng resellers...
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    Best mod apps sites

    This is a list of Best mod apps from different categories. All mods are amazing and safe to use. Give it a try.. *Best ENTERTAINMENT apps *Best MULTIMEDIA apps *Best PHOTOGRAPHY apps *Best SOCIAL MEDIA apps *Best TOOLS & USEFUL apps *Best Health & Fitness apps *Best Educational...
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    Help Legit site to buy cheap plane tickets

    Hello mga lods, baka may alam po kayong site na may murang bilihan ng airplane ticket? Or any tips po para makamura at magkaroon ng discount?
  7. K

    Ph!shing site buhay naman

    ----->anom0r😅👌 pero kung ako nagbago na ko haha..nag try pa ko pero my nalambat na 4 katao..di ko ko n inopen.☺️✌️
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    Help Anyone know a no ad cartoon site?

    anyone know a no ad cartoon site? halos onti lang meron pero puro may ads
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    Hello po! may alam po ba kayong site na pwde e download yung video with sub from wetv?
  10. V

    Smart TNT Sun Gigalife free 19 gigapoints site

    Pahingi ng site na pwede ma ka claim ang free 19 gigapoints mamaya
  11. P

    Help Super Slow Issues PhCorner site

    boss Draft ako lang ba na nakakaranas nito? sobrang bagal magloading nitong website? mabilis naman internet ko and sa ibang website goods naman
  12. M

    Tutorial Intel Learning Site

    PC Retail Associate Training and Engagement | Intel® Retail Edge Program Become a part of a global, industry-leading training and rewards program.
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    Help Movies site or app without ads on ios?

    Baka meron kayong alam na parang loklok sa ios
  14. M

    Help Best video preview site for NSFW

    Hello PHC ask ko lang po kung saan the best magUpload ng NSFW videos. Naddetect po kase sa GDrive, and andame options. TiA
  15. P

    Android App D I S C O R D BANNER"S SITE

    Hidden content
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    Wala lang feel ko lang mag open ng discussion about online casino site

    Ano ba pwede nating mga magawa para makatululong tayo sa mga phc members na gustong kumita sa online casino sites... 😊 Yung tulong tips para kumita hindi para lang makarami tayo ng members sana....
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    Help may alam kayong ibang site for free?

    Pano ba technique sa mga ganto mga paps? Or baka may alam kayong ibang site for free? Avatar AI - Create your own AI-generated avatars
  18. F

    San pwede mag betting site?

    Bet ko lang kay Puppey to.
  19. P

    Help Help! Pldt home wifi site cannot open

    Mga boss paano po maopen ang mga site na man dot ly (.ly) Sample : Sana po may makatulong. Thank you
  20. T

    Help Online casino

    Legit po ba yung mga pinopromote ng mga YøùTùbér na mga app ? like masaya game, rainbow game? Anu po kayang maganda na betting site? salamat po
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    Android App MOVIE SITE

    Hidden content
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    Help Tutor question (any site)

    Baka naman po may makatulong 🙏 Subject: Ethics / Philosophy utilitarianism, Kantianism, virtue theory, and natural law are the four theories that was studied in class.
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    Help Paid site

  24. K

    Help Closed

  25. U

    Help LF Mobile Legends MPL PH legit betting site

    Mga boss baka may alam kayo legit betting site yung may MPL po sana na mababa lang minimum depo . Salamat po
  26. H

    Help About sa freenet cafe alternative site

    Down na po ba nag site, error na kasi lumalabas ganito siya lumalabas
  27. R

    Tutorial Grab any high-quality images/videos without watermarks in ALL IN ONE site!!!

    Mga ka-PHC, pag naghahanap po kayo ng high quality photos/videos, most often po makakakita kayo pero may watermark. Pwede po nating alisin ang water mark. Example: Shutterstock imager Search po kayo ng image. SAMPLE PO KITTENS tapos try po ninyo grab siya makikita po ninyo...
  28. B

    Website template site

    Good day! mga ka PHC Pa suggest naman kung saan pwedi magdownload ng mga free template for web base na project kasi. For example like template for reservations e.g like computer lab or equipment reservation. Hirap kasi ako makahanap ng magandang web base template. Thank you!
  29. L

    Tutorial About zshadow hax

    baka may gumagana pa site ng phising site for fb dyan pahiram naman po ako ano site nyo dyan
  30. C

    Help Sino po marunong gumawa ng website?

    Requirement ng website. Site: Customer Service Support for Dating site * Chat moderation. * Content Review * Translations (through API) * Support Ticket Magkano po? Send your proposal and pricing thru:
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    Help All ssh sites with SlowDNS please

    Can you suggest me all ssh dns sites?
  32. R

    Help Patulong po kung anong site ito.

    Pahelp po kung anong site po to. pa delete nalang po kung bawal. salamat.
  33. H

    Help Baka may gustong magpagawa ng website?

    Kindly pm me guys, I'm a web developer. Pagusapan natin gusto mong website.😊
  34. S

    Help Anime 240q to 360 Small Size MB Site

    Mga Lods Baka Meron kayung alam na pwedeng panoorin with 240q to 360q And Small MB Size Para tipid sa Data
  35. S

    Help Business Plan Answering

    Mga lods may alam po ba kayu na pwedeng pag kuhaan ng sagot about sa business plan Yung Site lang Sana po matulungan nyu po ako
  36. D

    Some of the best s†rêâmïng sites. PASOK!

    Here are some of the best s†rêâmïng sites: StreamCR Clean design, very nice speeds, a large variety of films and series, HD server, Popular Site YMovies Unique design, HD server with additional hosts, nice speeds, YIFY and other releases (+ torrents) HDO Unique design, HD server with...
  37. F

    Free ρrémíùm SSH Accounts from linode

    Hello Guys Good Afternoon so medyo natagal tagalan ako ng pag update sa configs ko dahil wala tayong server(droplet) pero ito na naman ako para magshare ng server na di na config kasi busy pa baka bukas or mamaya mag update ako ng configs pero dito natin ilalapag para masaya ito nga pala info...
  38. V

    Help Anong site ba yung may free $20 pag nag register?

    Ano po ba yung site na namimigay $20 pag nag register?
  39. W

    Ovpn config

    Madali lang po gumawa ng config ng Open vpn search lang po sa YøùTùbé. éù po yung site
  40. P

    Gaming Server SSH Site (SGServer)

    Ito na láρág na. Kahiya naman yong mga inuunahan ako sa thread ko. Peace Yow ✌ Bait ko kaya, inaano niyo ako agad mga bossing eh 😁 Oops, paalala lang. Depende po sa area yong lakas ng server. No hate if hindi mabilis sa inyo. Tsalamats.
  41. K

    Help Movies With hardcoded subs small size

    meron po ba kayong alam na sites? please po pahelp salamat po ng marami..
  42. J

    Help Pahingi naman ng reality kings na account.

    Mga master baka may any p*rn accounts kayo jan pa arbor naman. Single here 😂
  43. R

    Any website like openload where i can store movies?

    Any website like openload where i can store pirated movies? re-register sana ako sa Openload kaso mukang down na ata yung website nila. d ako makapag register ihh..
  44. J

    Help Can I run my own website or web server in my PLDT service?

    Hi po diyan! Ask ko lang. Puwede ba talaga mai-public ang website ko sa PLDT? Kung meron man pwede isalaysay niyo kung paano. PLDTHOMEDSL - Baudtec Router
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    Help help smart tv movie

    saan pwede manood ng mga movie sa smart tv mga ka ph
  46. S

    Help KDRAMA Download site 360p or 100-150mb

    Pahingi naman link download-an ng kdrama na mababa lang mb o kaya yung 360-480p lang. Salamat!
  47. G

    Help Pahingi po site na SSL PH server account

    Any site po n may free SSL PH server account? salamat
  48. K

    TV series site

    Guys may alam ba kayo na site na nakakadownload ng tv series na yung quality is 720 or 1080 manunuod lng ako ng TWD Season 9 episode 9 at ibang TV series. Help please labyah
  49. C

    Tutorial Directors Cut

    Site for HD movies for Cinema Resolution, installer and games for pc jung gusto nyo manoud ng mga 4k hd hanggang 8k hd jan i download mo yung kaya ng tv mo haha mamili ka ng subrang laki ng file at resolution haha
  50. W

    Crypto legit investing site please

    Pa help naman boss penge naman yung nga legit na investing site. yung tipong wala ka na sanang gagawin kung meron hahah.