A shoutbox, saybox, tagboard, chatterbox or chat box is a chat-like feature of some websites that allows people to quickly leave messages on the website, generally without any form of user registration.
In their simplest form, shoutboxes are simply lists of short messages, possibly with information about their authors. The page may be automatically refreshed after a certain interval, or polled dynamically in order to keep new messages visible. Older posts are often deleted after a certain number of messages have been written in order to preserve space on the server.

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  1. X

    Feedback Shoutbox Reaction

    Sana ma add as additional future boss Draft hahaha. Shoutbox reaction 🤔
  2. P

    Help Bat nawala shoutbox?

    boss Draft bat wala akong shoutbox? 😓
  3. P


    ay nawala ☹️
  4. B

    Poll Sino na mi-miss Shoutbox?

    Sino na mi-miss Shoutbox? 🥺👉👈 sana maibalik boss Draft ravage Hehehe 💚
  5. B

    Shoutbox Reunion

    Gawa na Conversation Inbox Boss WALANGMAGAWA wala ba tayo reunion? Asan na mga tambay sb. 😆
  6. V

    Help Shoutbox ba tawag dun

    Asan na ba yung chatroom. 2019 ako dito inabot ko pa yun e sayang meron na akong kras nun buti na lang nag imo ako may naasawa tuloy ako😂
  7. S

    Closed Shoutbox

    Bakit hindi ako maka message. may nag block ba sa akin 🤔 si Yours nanaman kaya may kagagawan nito
  8. P

    Closed PHCorner Guild in Mobile Legend

    Ang GROUP na ito sa ML ay open sa mga ML Player na tambay ng SHOUTBOX salamat Draft at ibinalik mo ang Shoutbox!!! Sa mga gusto mag join... tambay muna kayo sa Shoutbox hahaha :ROFLMAO: Search the ID Group: 969488
  9. D

    SHOUTBOX Disabled

    Keep the page alive and shout out whatever you have in mind. Only Established Member can use the shoutbox Shoutbox refresh interval: 5 seconds Maximum shout length: 300 characters Minimum time between shouts: 5 seconds Shout display limit: 30 Auto delete shouts...
  10. M

    Closed Shoutbox

    bakit di ko na makita?
  11. M

    Closed Phcorner shoutbox

    nagtataka lang po ako, inalis po ba ang shout box? established naman po ako pero wala sa menu ko.
  12. W

    Closed Help..ka phc.

    ban ba ako??di ko kasi makita shoutbox. guys..tagal din nawala..
  13. P

    Closed Di ako maka chat

    Di na ba pwede mag chat sa shoutbox pag di na established, nakikita ko kasi yung shoutbox pero wala akong field para mag chat
  14. K

    Closed Shoutbox etiquette

    Care to share for the newbies? :) Mga dos and dont's aside from the sb rules. I am referring to the unwritten code of conduct pag nasa shoutbox. Meron bang ganito?
  15. J

    Closed Shoutbox suggest

    Gusto ko sanang may shoutbox feedback sound ang shoutbox natin. :) I guess this was been suggested.
  16. A

    Ber months na! ano wish niyo para sa phc?

    Happy ber months ka ph <3 sana mag karoon ng theme ang chatbox yan ang wish ko :P
  17. G

    OUPENG BROWSER 6.7 MGC Mod Can Download big files for s60v3 and v5

    DOWNLOAD Here: Download OB-6.7-MGC.sisx Update: 1 UPDATE 2: OUPENG can download Upto 560Mb, Trick: Kung ayaw mag start ng download, minimize mo lang ang OB then Connect mu ulit Browse ka ng Isang Page, pag nagconnect na Restart Mo na yung Download mo, Thats all I hope it will Work on You,
  18. J

    Phc shoutbox error

    Mga boss ano po nangyari sa shoutbox? hindi po lumalabas ung shoutbox eh
  19. D

    Please read - shoutbox rules and guidelines [established members only]

    Shoutbox rules and guidelines No flooding, 3 consecutive shouts are allowed. Exceeding to the limit is considered as flooding. Usage of smiley, Only 3 consecutive smiley’s are allowed. This is to prevent the abusive use of smiley. Shoutbox is for small talks only. Long discussions and/or asking...
  20. M

    Shoutbox color font problem

    boss. . napansin nyo din ba ito?? example. si mr. A, gumamit nung dark theme then si mr.B gumamit nung bagong theme yung puti. tapos pumunta sila sa shoutbox. bale ang magiging default font color ni mr. a ay white at ang default font color kay mr. b gray or black. ewan ko kung tama tong...