Send is a village and civil parish in the Guildford borough of the English county of Surrey. Send acquired its name during the Great Vowel Shift from the word sand, which was extracted at various periods until the 1990s for construction and other purposes at pits in the outskirts of the parish. The north of Send is at the southern-eastern edge of the Bagshot Formation.
Send is buffered by Metropolitan Green Belt from other villages and towns except for the Grove Heath neighbourhood of Ripley. A rural band of the village adjoins the River Wey including Cartbridge and Send Marsh – this land has been drained and the river tamed by sluices, the Broadmead Cut and the Wey Navigation. The vast majority of the built-up areas are not within an area of flood risk. Between the river and the navigation, in the far north of the parish, are the Papercourt and Broad Mead SSSIs.

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  1. F

    Help DITO sim hindi makareceive ng calls pero nakakareceive and send ng sms

    Hello mga kaPHC may naka-experience na ba dito na hindi makareceive ng calls yung DITO sim nila kahit saang area, hindi talaga pero sms or text nakaksend naman and receive. Thanks sana may makatulong, pabulong nalang din kung pano gagawin kung may solution man. God Bless!
  2. Z

    Actual Countries Who Supported The Arbitration Ruling.

    Is 26 out of 193 difficult to understand? Data source: CSIS Arbitration Support Tracker | Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative
  3. K

    Send tips sa pagsagot and matanggap sa pagaapply sa alorica

    send tips guys badly need gusto kong matanggap
  4. K

    Tutorial SCRIBD FILE (Post your link): I'll send the file

    PM mo skin ung link - Unlocked ko mga Paps
  5. R

    Wrong Send Po Yata Kayo

    Ctto. Pumapatol Ka Ba Sa 33 years old. Hahaah
  6. N

    Help Gigapoints not send

    Ask ko Lang kapag rocket Sim, hndi ka na ba mag send NG points sa Iba.
  7. R

    Babe Send Me Pic

    Ctto Ginawa Mo Naman Ice Cream Kuya hahahha
  8. A

    Help Send schedule message to group chats in viber

    anyone knows a way or method to send scheduled messages to a group chat in viber? please for educational purposes, baka may alam po, paki share naman po any idea?
  9. I

    Tutorial Bypass Maya Crypto to send in other wallet

    Normally you can't send crypto outside Maya crypto network. Kasi wala lang Haahahaa Hidden content
  10. I

    Tutorial Send untraceable BTC to anyone

    Para sa mga partner in crimes I mean para sa mga anonymous ppl ;) Hidden content
  11. C

    Crush send ka pic

  12. B

    Help Pano mag send ng image sa phcorner dm

    hello po, pano magsend ng picture dito sa phcorner dm, magsesend po kasi ako ng receipt eh, thanks po
  13. P

    Help Pano mag send ng pera from China to Philippines?

    May Chinese friend kasi akong nagpapatulong sa akin tapos gusto nya ako bayaran. Kaso di ko alam anong easiest way para makapagsend sya ng payment. Help!
  14. I

    Tutorial Send an email anoymously that NO ONE can find you

    101 How to not get arrested Haaahaha. Final boss version of Tutorial - How to email someone anonymously (PRIVATE METHOD) THAT THE FBI CANT EVEN CATCH YOU Hidden content
  15. P

    Help GCash Wrong send

    Wrong gcash no. yung napag sendan so kung pwede pa po mabalik yung pera? Kasi non-verified gcash user yung maling no. Na napag sendan
  16. C

    Help Send sms ph number to uk

    Ano pong sim pwede?
  17. I

    Referral Overwallet Testnet Send to Send Tara

    0x715f0b489A336a07aCd9DB29fFd140d0786950ff Tara na't send to send tayo
  18. I

    Android App Local Send

    LocalSend is a free, open-source app that allows you to securely share files and messages with nearby devices over your local network without needing an internet connection. About LocalSend is a cross-platform app that enables secure communication between devices using a REST API and HTTPS...
  19. A

    Need help can anyone send me the new advanced server mobile legends application

    Hello guys when I open the mobile legends advanced server application tells me that testing slots are full can anyone please send me the new mobile legends advanced server application
  20. B

    Crypto Tabi testnet send to send

    0xdE8574Da596BB7520296718d226f13eFc1E08B84 if wala pa tabi eto link: | The voyagers are calling!
  21. D

    Send pic nemo

  22. B

    Send SMS to Anyone Anonymously

    Sa mga malakas ang trip jan eto para sainyo 🤣👌 Hidden content
  23. C

    Help Send and Receive Gcash to and from an unverified account

    Possible pa ba ngayon ito or na-ρá†ch na nila? Dati kasi pwede eh. Cash-out lang ang hindi pwede dati pero pwede siya magreceive at magsend to and from another gcash account.
  24. J

    Pls send me a link on "Over the Moon (2020)" bluray sana po.

    Pls send me a link on "Over the Moon (2020)" bluray sana po.
  25. C

    Referral Test tayo ngayon ng DOP Testnet, Comment niyo mga dop address niyo sa comment mag send ako :)

    Test tayo ngayon ng DOP. Past niyo dop address niyo sa comment. Join na sa Testnet: DOP Testnet Eto address ko: 0xed73b6131f0b3d9c5d3849dcb368b8e88ef4fad8
  26. M

    Telegram Unable To Send SMS Internal Server Error Help

    Hi Good Day mga ka PHC tanong ko lang hindi ko kasi mabuksan ang telegram ko hindi makasend ng verification any can fix this? Thank you mga ka PHC ❤️
  27. A

    HELP (Piso Wifi No Hulog) will send 30 php gcash

    Patulong naman po how to set up ng piso wifi no hulog dame na kaseng piso wifi dito samen
  28. C

    Send your pic

  29. I

    How to send BTC CASH from coinbase to GCASH?

    Mga sir baka may makatulog pano masend yung funds from COINBASE to GCASH?
  30. I


    Horizon Email ONE OF THE BEST, PRIVACY-DESIGNED, ANONYMOUS, UNLIMITED ALIAS IN ONE EMAIL SERVICE EVER Original price of Horizon is 5$ (279 PHP) but I will be selling it for 180 PHP ONLY. Features: Upload pics anonymously with custom domains. Anonymous email (Complete control). Upload files...
  31. S


  32. P

    UK to send warship to Guyana amid Venezuela tensions

    the UK is preparing to send a warship to Guyana in a show of diplomatic and military support for the former British colony, the BBC has learned. It comes after neighbouring Venezuela renewed its claim for a disputed part of Guyanese territory that is rich in oil and minerals. The Ministry of...
  33. O

    Help Gcash ayaw mag buyload

    pano po kaya maayos to ? na try ko na mag clear cache/data mag off ng developer options mag log in ulet mag restart ng phone ganun paren anyone here na nakaka experience ng ganto
  34. C

    Send ako 30gcash KYC mo lang

    Register and complete KYC need valid id under my referral send ako agad 30 pesos gcash
  35. A

    Binance ref event 70 gcash sa mag verified sa link send screenshot
  36. H

    Help mo ko send kita ng 50 pesos sa gcash

    help nyo ko mga tropa para malaman na kung legit ba tong si black whale. i need at least 3 referral para maka wí†hdráw Black Whale Airdrop NOTE: you need telegram and twitter Black Whale Airdrop after mo makapag successful claim, DM mo ko ng Gcash number mo and i send ko sayo yung payment. Thank...
  37. K

    Help Can't send text or make calls 2023

    I can't send text or make calls using GOMO as of December 2023. May calls and text creds naman ako, pero hindi makapag-send ng texts at calls. Registered naman account ko, nagagamit ko din data and nakaka-receive naman ng texts and calls. Any idea what is happening?
  38. Y

    [Re-Active] Sa nagregister sa link ko send me your gcash number bibigyan ko kayu 10 Gcash

    Sa nagregister sa link ko na Aprove na ang KYC send me your gcash number bibigyan ko kayu 10 Gcash.. Sa hindi pa na complete ang KYC at sa na Failed.. Apply KYC ulit...bibigyan ko kayu 10 Gcash Once ma approve KYC Sa wala pa Reg kayu dito at Mag KYC para mabigyan ko din kayu 10 GCASH 😁 REG...
  39. J

    Paano mag send ng text sa maraming number kahit hindi nakasave sa contact

    patulong naman po may paraan ba na mabilis pagsend ng message sa madaming number kahit hindi na ito isave sa contact?
  40. J

    Bakit kaya walang send photo/files ang chat?

    baka naman. ang hirap talaga lalo na kung may transcation 😕
  41. M

    Help Paypal send money problem

    Paulit ulit nalang ganito Hindi maka send pati request money same din. paano ginawa nyo pag ganito?
  42. P

    Help My way po ba na ma bypass ang gcash authentication code every send money?

    Nakakainis na lalot walang halos mobile signal dito samin every time na magsebd ng money need ng verification code at need pa umakyat ng sanggutan.. (niyog na may tuba.. )
  43. M

    Pa help send po ako gcash 100

    Can you do me a favor? Just accept this invitation, up to $50 for each of us!! To participate in this event🔥, download and register on Temu with my link. Isang invite nalang po Send po ako 100 Send screenshot

Did you know?

Credit is the trust which allows one party to provide money or resources to another party wherein the second party does not reimburse the first party immediately, but promises either to repay or return those resources at a later date.

Lenders want to make sure all their bases are covered before they extend you credit. That means they may look at factors other than your credit score to determine whether to lend you money. Your employment status also can play a role: If your income is too low or you haven’t been at your current workplace long, those factors could weigh against you.

Errors can come in a variety of forms. You may not have been credited for a payment you made, or you may have been charged for a purchase you didn’t make. A debt might be listed more than once, or your balance might be wrong.