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Self-governance, self-government, or self-rule is the ability of a person or group to exercise all necessary functions of regulation without intervention from an external authority. It may refer to personal conduct or to any form of institution, such as family units, social groups, affinity groups, legal bodies, industry bodies, religions, and political entities of various degree. Self-governance is closely related to various philosophical and socio-political concepts such as autonomy, independence, self-control, self-discipline, and sovereignty.In the context of nation-states, self-governance is called national sovereignty which is an important concept in international law. In the context of administrative division, a self-governing territory is called an autonomous region. Self-governance is also associated with political contexts in which a population or demographic becomes independent from colonial rule, absolute government, absolute monarchy or any government which they perceive does not adequately represent them. It is therefore a fundamental tenet of many democracies, republics and nationalist governments. Mohandas Gandhi's term "swaraj" is a branch of this self-rule ideology. Henry David Thoreau was a major proponent of self-rule in lieu of immoral governments.

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    Self Introduction

    Hello mga Giliw! Justin nga pala. Anime lover (one piece numbawan) musician vlogger yun lang salamat sa welcome
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    Hello phcorner nation! I am a Computer Scientist! I expect a warm welcome to those who will notice me? Nah, pumunta lang talaga ako dito para sa .ehi files para sa ROS. tamad lng ako gumawa kahit alam ko kung pano, dahil madali lng naman makakuha peri nakakatamad ung proceedure. Anyway, again hello!
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    Introduction about me

    Good Day, I am Keneth and new member po ako. This site po is nirefer sakin ng friend ko. For now nag wowork po ako as IT Staff sa isang company sa PQ and the reason po kung bkit ako nag join dito is to help others kung may mga softwares silang kaylangan and also to get some softwares na need ko...
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    Closed Self introduction

    Good day to all members and admins.
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    First day,and give a big hug to all of you .

    :LOL:very glad to join this forum. my name is Zillin. I served as a salesgirl at Sellwell Small Appliances.our company is worth believing. after two more month working,I come to realized that social life is totally different from school life. and we have learned is also have a huge change,we...