As seen on TV is a generic nameplate for products advertised on television in the United States for direct-response mail-order through a toll-free telephone number. As Seen on TV advertisements, known as infomercials, are usually 30-minute shows or two-minute spots during commercial breaks. These products can range from kitchen, household, automotive, cleaning, health, and beauty products, to exercise and fitness products, books, or to toys and games for children. Typically the packaging for these items includes a standardized red seal in the shape of a CRT television screen with the words "AS SEEN ON TV" in white, an intentional allusion to the logo of TV Guide magazine.Prominent marketers of As seen on TV products include As Seen on TV, Inc., Time-Life, Space Bag, K-tel, Ronco, and Thane. There are also retail brick-and-mortar and online stores that specifically sell As seen on TV products.In 1996, "As seen on TV" then moved on to retail, according to A. J. Khubani, CEO of Telebrands, who designed the logo.As seen on TV products then moved on to sell on the internet. In 2015, a new As seen on TV corporation was formed and launched as a multi-vendor marketplace, allowing manufacturers and sellers of TV products to sell their inventory through its website New Easy.
The red logo and phrase is now in the public domain and can be used on packaging or in business with no fee and without trademark infringement.Companies that produce generic versions of As seen on TV products may use a modified version of the red logo, their version displaying "Like on TV" or "As seen on TV in some countries". This logo can be registered in some countries like a trademark.

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    Best Eclipse I've seen Today

    the only glasses i need is for the milk 🥴
  2. G

    Trivia Seen Me: Seen Father-John 14:7-9

    "Seen Me: Seen Father" - Jn 14:7-9 John 14:1 - "believe in God, believe also in me." 14:7 - "If ye had known me, ye would have known my Father also: from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him. 8) Philip saith unto him, Lord, show us the Father, and it sufficeth us. 9) Jesus saith unto him...
  3. D

    Private Conversation "Last Seen" time

    A very small feature but very useful, I think ;) This will add the "Last seen" time or date next to each conversation participant (sidebar on desktop view). Sample:
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    Help Windows 11 taskbar rightside icons not seen po, pa help

    walang internet, walang audio, walang icons sa right side ng taskbar po. kaninang umaga po, working po sya. ngayon lang po nangyari. salamat inadvance po sa mag rereply.
  5. C

    WebNovel Finally Seen by Kelly Yang [pdf]

    About: From the New York Times bestselling author of Front Desk comes a “involving, realistic” (Booklist, starred review) middle grade novel about a young girl who leaves China to live with her parents and sister, after five years apart, and learns about family, friendship, and the power of...
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    Help Mark as Read sa Messenger Seen ba status?

    Kapag mark as read ko ang isa sa mga pm sa akin sa messenger, magiging seen ba status nito? May iniiwasan kasi ako pero yoko makita un naka highlight na message nila
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    Usa mosr secret weapon/Usa secret spy aircraft as seen on news relink

    most secretive usa area 51 aircraft/ relink sa unang post nasera link
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    Closed Usa secret spy aircraft as seen on news

    watch hidden secrets of americas super secret weapon with alien technology seen on nevada all those years appear as alien. behind secrets of nazis tech aircraft put on area 51 :eek::eek::eek: please hit likes👌
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    New summit lava dome seen in Mayon Volcano

    The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) released new photos of Mayon volcano's summit on Saturday, where a new lava dome can be seen emerging. PHIVOLCS posted the new photos on social media with a caption that described what was going on at Mayon's summit. "A new...
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    The Fastest Pause I Have Ever Seen

    Warning: this content is spooky
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    Help How to Seen Unsent Messages

    mga idol baka may alam kayong trick para makita yung mga unsent messages sa facebook?
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    Trivia If God doesn't exist, why are there so many people claiming to have seen / heard / felt God? Atheists must be so crazy to not realize this much proof.

    Assuming God does not exist in any way, the claims of having seen, heard, and felt God can be explained away as one or more of the following, Hallucinations caused by any number of things from mental illness to a desire so strong your brain invents a sensation to your brain being fooled into...
  14. Sige Seenzone Pa! 👊

    Sige Seenzone Pa! 👊

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    Closed Gusto mo ba ng online streaming na pwede idownload?

    Just download this app.:) #HindiPoAkoMayAriNiyanPs:) #CreditNalangSaOwner #GodBlessUs
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    Closed No capping pero ingat lang sa blocking.

    Any TU Promo ho. Enjoy and God bless us.
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    Closed Patulong mga boss

    Mga Boss Patulong Nawala Na Estab Ko Pano Ko Iyon Mababalik Na verified Na Fb Ko Ano Kya problem
  18. J

    Closed Pa seen naman sa cp nio

    Sir and mam .. Pwede pahelp po .. Bakit po ganun .. ung cp ko?? Pag nag oopen po ako ng apps or kahit anong games like ng coc nag baback po kusa sia .. tas kahit sa mga inbox ganian ganian po bakit po nag baback sia?? Sinjbukan ko na pong i format .. wal rin pong nang yari .... ano po bang...