A screenshot (also known as screen capture or screen grab) is a digital image that shows the contents of a computer display. A screenshot is created by the operating system or software running on the device powering the display.
Additionally, screenshots can be captured by an external camera, using photography to capture contents on the screen.

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    Tutorial Long Screenshot

    For sure marami na nakakaalam nito but i will share it anyway😅. Ss example.hahaha.. No apps needed.Volume down + Power button lang for screenshot tapos click mo na yung arrow down katabi ng image preview.Ganito itsura nya 👇👇
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    Help PhilGov PH Can't Screenshot NATIONAL ID

    Patulong ayaw ma sceenshot nung National ID ko sa PhilGov Ph Pero kase may mga private na information pano ko ngayon ma priprint to sa iba pwede naman
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    Referral Guys sino may Mafia City Apps ng Swagbucks jan pahinge screenshot may e test lang ako.

    Guys sino may Mafia City Apps ng Swagbucks jan pahinge screenshot ng mga ito may e try lang ako, pa compressed lang guys thanks. Mansion Level 10 to earn 100 SB Unlock 5 star Hero to earn 1,500 SB Unlock 2 5 star Hero's to earn 3,000 SB Unlock 3 5 star Hero's to earn 7,000 SB In Game ID or Name
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    Binance ref event 70 gcash sa mag verified sa link send screenshot
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    Referral Lazada palitan ng link, 10 slot avialable. Drop Screenshot and link

    Drop Screenshot at link help kita agad. May 10 slot pa I'm participating in The 12.12 Great Battle. Help my team to to help yours with just 1 click!
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    Referral Temu swap click

    Swap sa mga kaka reset lng mga bossing clickback ko agad 💵 Get cash up to $200.00 today!💰Click and accept my invitation to get cash together👉 💵 Get cash up to $200.00 today!💰
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    Screenpresso Pro 2.1.12 Multilingual

    Screenpresso Pro 2.1.12 Multilingual Screenpresso overrides the Print Screen key and makes it easy to take the best screen captures in a few seconds. It is a light-weight Windows software giving a wonderful look to your screenshots. Features Capture windows and region Capture part of the...
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    IPTV IPTV XTREAM CODES WORLD. Medyo stable sya, no buffering on my side. It will expire December 4, 2023. Send Screenshot if working. Have fun!

    Just react and you'll see the credentials inside 👇 Hidden content 1. IPTV Xtream Codes World Channels 2. Download Televizo or any iptv player that reads Xtream Codes 3. Insert the details. 4. Medyo stable sya.. 5. No buffering on my side 6. Test it out kung working sa inyo 7. Send Feedback or...
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    Smart TV screenshot

    Posting: Drop code smart TV netflix, "Screenshot if working". Me: 😅
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    Thanos1975 M3U VOD Playlists. Feel free to try it out. I'll add more vod movies every now and then. Send Screenshot. Have fun.

    Just react and you'll see the download link I will add more VODS here, feel free to drop-by every now and then. Videos takes 10 secs to load, but they are working and has good video quality Reminder lang: Don't share links of a certain channels outside this forum Hidden content 1. Few good...
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    Android App Telegram Mod (Bypassed Screenshot Restriction)

    Telegram ρrémíùm (Server-Sided Feature not work) Bypassed Screenshot Restriction. Hidden content
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    Help Disabling no Screenshot in apps for mobile

    lods, may way ba na ma baliwala ung "no screenshot " sa apps pano lods, kahit ung tools nlng lods pag aaralan ko nlng pano buoin, or if may free working plug-in nba lods na pwede magamit? -salamat po.
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    Cannot capture screenshot

    (nasa tamang thread ako?) paano yung ganito na ss? sa iOS kasi pwede pero sa Android hindi pwede π-π mas okay kasi transaction activity sa app kaysa browser
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    Help Laptop reco screenshot attached

    Hello po, guys pa reco naman ng laptop na may ganitong specs or higher with price po sana. Thank you mga idol
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    Pano palabasin tong offline mode sa mobile legends? (pls see screenshot)

    tanong ko lang para maituro ko sa mga kasamahan ko sa barko kasi sakin tong screenshot di ko lang alam kung pano nangyari at nagkaron ako ng offline mode sa ml.... pag off data at wifi nalabas yan ...
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    Direct Link MAC OS | TechSmith Snagit Screen Capture and Recording Software | Version 2021.4.0

    Macs have a built-in screenshot tool, but — let’s face it — it’s pretty basic. It’s hard to precisely select the area you want to capture, and once you take your screenshot, your options for adding annotations and notes are limited. Our screen capture software for Mac is TechSmith Snagit...
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    Tools B310AS-938 (Pictures Only)

    Mga ka PHC, pictures lang po ito walang firmware na nakalagay dito kayo na po maghanap 😂 Para lang magka idea yung iba kung ano po ang looks ng Webpage, pero parehas lang po yan pang B310As_938 ang images. Screenshots: Hidden content Hidden content Hidden content Credits po sa mga lodi natin ...
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    Closed Paano mag upload ng screenshot dito'?

    Help naman po' paano puba mag upload ng screenshot dito or sa comment sectiin ng mga thread'?
  20. A

    Closed Help: how to upload screenshot?

    Pasencya na mga boss, pano po ba magupload ng screenshot dito sa phcorner? Salamat sa sasagot
  21. P

    Closed Request to edit photos

    Pwede po ba akong mag request na magpa edit ng isang photo dito sa phc???? Kung pwede sana..... Photoshop sana... Respect post..:-) Just askin'....
  22. P

    Closed Screenshot option in power menu option

    Patulong naman po kung pano mag add ng screenshot option sa power menu?...sinunod ko naman po itong instructions pero nag bobootloop siya......Cosmic Rom ang gamit ko...Samsung GT-S7562 ...sana may makatulong....eto po yung link...
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    Closed Magdiwang po tayo

    ok na po ulit yung gosurf plus sa tm 10 minutes po akong nagtyaga.paabo maglagay ng screeshot?
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    Closed Screen shot editor [ρáíd ρrémíùm]

    this is Big Help para mas madali illustrate mga screenshot share natin ρrémíùm ρáíd version
  25. G

    Closed .ehi

    Mga ka Ph patulong naman.ano po ba tong nadownload ko na ehi?hindi sya na dedelete.hindi rin sya nare rename.di rin sya ma move.salamat po
  26. R

    Closed Screenshot

  27. J

    Closed Mga sir share ko po lg.. inedit ko lg po sa isang settings na nkuwa ko.. gumana po sakin..

    Screenshot po sa baba.. tapos apn po APN name: mgc Apn: cnxa na po.. bago pa lg..
  28. S

    Closed http injector

    Mga boss, mga kaPh, pwede bang humingi ng screenshot ny http injector nyo (log). Yung connected na, bago ko lang to kasi nagamit. Thank you in advance. (May nakita na akong ehi file, tnt, pero kng may link kayo, salamat na rin po.)
  29. N

    Closed Hello

    paano po ba maglagay ng ss sa post mo?? corrupted kasi lagi..�:(
  30. O

    Closed Stitchcraft: Long screenshot v1.0.0.9

    Requirements: 4.0 and up Overview: No root needed! Stitchcraft makes it easy to stitch multiple screenshots into a long one. 1. Take screenshots as usual. make sure there is common area between screenshots. 2. Choose the screenshots to stitch them into a tall one. Tips: for better matching...
  31. B

    Closed Paano po magpost ng ss

    pa-help po kung paano magpost or upload ng ss(sreenshot) sa mga forums. thanks.
  32. X

    Closed Screenshot?

    Nasira? Ata kasi malfunctioned na yung volumes nung cp ko, paano po ako makakapagscreenshot may app po ba nun na walang root or usb connect to pc churva?
  33. J

    Closed Help Naman

    Sana may mag-pm ng stable mac sa akin mindanao area
  34. P

    Closed Screenshot Captor 4.12.0

    Screenshot Captor enables you to capture images in a variety of ways, ranging from the active window to a fixed size zone and including objects, scrolling windows (great for capturing sites from top to bottom) and even your entire working space, which means that if you have multiple monitors...
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    Help Help pls

    mga boss pano po maglagay ng screenshot pag gagawa ka ng new thread mo? pls reply thx po
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    Tutorial Screenshot App for unrooted android phones

    hello guys. Are you looking for a screenshot app that works on unrooted phones just like mine? then here is the answer ---> aScreenshot App is the right one for you as it did great in my gingerbread. aScreenshot, as its name implies, is a screenshot app, which capture your device's current...
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    Closed Globe tatoo - tutorial on how to connect without using the dashboard - step by step with screenshot

    Option 1 Use mobile broadband to connect to the Internet To configure your mobile broadband settings, follow these steps: To set up a mobile broadband connection for the first time Open Connect to a Network by clicking the network icon ( or ) in the notification area. Right-click your...

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