screen problem

A blue screen of death (BSoD), officially known as a stop error or blue screen error, is an error screen that the Windows operating system displays in the event of a fatal system error. It indicates a system crash, in which the operating system has reached a critical condition where it can no longer operate safely, e.g., hardware failure or an unexpected termination of a crucial process.

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    Help Acer Aspire White Screen Problem

    help po! yung aer aspire ko nag white screen lang sya. okay naman start up may display then fter a while nag turn to white screen. bka may naka experience po sa inyo. thank you po
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    HELP! Trash Screen Problem

    Dell Vostro 3560 po Device ko. MAgtuturn on sya for like 5-10 mins, tapos biglang mag tatrash screen tas di na ulit mabubuhay. Any suggestions or help to fix this po? TIA
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    Pano po fix ng smartphone na may part ng screen na di responsive sa touch?
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    Closed screen problem

    guys patulong naman po nagkaroon po kc ng parang watermark yung screen ng cp ko.. naupuan ng kapatid ko.. parang lumapat sa loob yung screen.. ano kaya magandang gawin.. tulong naman po salamat..
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    Closed White Screen

    patulong po, pag open ko ng laptop ko puti na po yung screen.anu po ba and sira nito?.salamat po