The Volvo S40 is a series of compact and subcompact executive automobiles marketed and produced by the Swedish manufacturer Volvo Cars from 1995 to 2012.
The first generation (1995–2004) was introduced in 1995 with the S40 (S from saloon) and V40 (V from versatility, estate) cars.
The second generation (2004–2012) was released in 2004, and the estate variant's name changed to V50.
The range was replaced by the Volvo V40 five door hatchback in 2012.

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    Closed Naaalala pa ba ninyo ang mga ito???

    gblogs s40 symbian eoe (era of eidolon) best pinoy wapsites freebundle trick pinoywap ...sino pa po nakakaalala ng mga ito? nakakamiss hahahaha...di ko na maalala mga wapsites na gawa ko noon. sigurado ang mga di nakakaalam niyan wala pang alam sa mobile internet and tricks sa panahon na yan...
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    Closed RENAME Jar.zip/prov.zip {EXTRACT ZIP/HIDE A FILE}

    HOW to {EXTRACT} {RENAME} {HIDE} a FILE or FOLDER Using the s40 applications Blue FTP and File Explorer via S40 Phones Tutorial How TO EXTRACT ZIP FILE in mobile phones Using BLUE FTP Application ---------------------------------------------- STEPS...
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    (SHARE) How to detect fake Nokia phones

    Because of the volume of the mobile users who are shifting to Nokia phones..and those s40 users switching to s60 ,I want to share this article about how to distinguish FAKE Nokia phones from the original ones ;) If this is already a repost.You can delete this :) Beware of fake Nokia...
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    Android App OperaMini 7.5 MGC One star dragon ball ICON™

    Dahil sa update ni network eto tayo muli balik riserba nanaman na sana hindi nila tanggalin sa hole nila ang OLD HOME PAGE url na kung saan eto lang ang pwedeng pang bypass. Tagal nang gamit to since nauso ang wap access (remember g-blogs??) sa mga matagal na sa wap world tulad ko alam nyo na...
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    Help Xpressmusic

    Pano po mag gumawa ng settings sa 5130 Xpress music? pati na rin po yung operamini na compatible sa kanya san ko po ma DDL?
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    Closed [HOT] A must have tool to send .jar from your s40

    This is a simple but worth while break through for nokia series s40 java phone users. now you wont have to use blue ftp to rename your file before sending it. It is through an application called SENDMYJAR Informations Category: BlueTooth Vendor: CommWarrior About The program...
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    100% working for c1-01 and s40

    1000% working sa c1-01 at sa ibang s40 phones using globe sim. Ito na mga ka ph, may reserba at extra na tayong free internet, sundan lang mga steps na to. Step 1 : make sure na meron kayong access point na myGlobe Connect, kung wala naman gawa nalang kau, punta lang sa Settings > Configuration...
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    Ragnarok 2 online rpg game[translated]-handler + turbo

    share ko lang to sa rpg game addicts. Credits sa site na napagkuhanan ko at sa translators and modders. 👍 PVP cool, is really cool! RAGNAROK 2 ONLINE can not only anywhere PVP, specialized arena opened, so you can not just kill, you can also make a name for herself! Arena of RAGNAROK 2 ONLINE...
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    Editing themes s40 via your s40mobile

    Application needed >> BFTP (For Renaming, Extracting and Packing) Download here >> Existing theme to be edited (you can use THIS THEME (remove .zip) Note: before using the application make surethat you set the application access> add and edit user data to "always ask" (pag hindi naka set...
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    Closed Smart free internet for s40 phones using operamini 4

    Hi Guys Eto Nga Pala Bagong Internet Tricks For Smart Para sa mga user ng S40 Phones FREE INTERNET FOR S40 PHONES ! PROCEDURE : Step 1. download and use the prov(how to use ? transfer the file to a china or s60 phone then transfer it through bluetooth to your s40 device) prov file Step...
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    [tut] how to häçk your s40 phone java security

    Hey guys, Today I like to introduce to you a totally new method to häçk your phone security. Your Nokia phone won't ask your permissions anymore for all applications. Unlike the previous method you must sign your applications to pass Nokia security wall, however, some applications can not be...
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    Closed Java developer's guide v1.1 ( s40 )

    Java Developer's Guide v1.1: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.nokia.com/id/aca87303-e7ef-4a5a-9274-7e0973d52e94/Java_Developers_Guide_v1_1_en.pdf.html This document can provide with a great start for any developer looking to exploit their Java skills in the mobile arena. The document provides...
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    Best s40 theme of all time ( the jet )

    Note : ----- IMPORTANT: ----- Download contains two .nth files: "jet_v30" is for Nokia Series 40 5th Edition and newer phones with a 240x320 pixel screen: 2700, 2730, 3120, 3720, 3710, 3600, 3610, 3710, 5130, 5220, 5310, 5330, 5610, 6208, 6212, 6216, 6263, 6267, 6300i, 6301, 6303, 6500, 6555...
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    Closed Enjoy every lil' time ( games collection ) 240x320

    DETECTIVE RiDLEY AND THE MYSTERIOUS ENIGMA By GameLoft Join Detective Maximilian Ridley and his niece Darcie in their search for an ancestral relic: an ancient medallion that grants eternal life. Your quest will lead you to the four corners of the globe and will progress through the many...
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    Closed List of my rpg games s40 240x320

    Page : http://www.4shared.com/rar/r21SBClw/RPG.html Html : <a href="http://www.4shared.com/rar/r21SBClw/RPG.html" target=_blank>RPG.rar</a> URL : RPG.rar