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    YøùTùbé expands block of Russian state media to apply globally

    YøùTùbé on Friday broadened its blocking of Russian state-linked media channels to apply internationally after initially barring them only in Europe following Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. Russia's internationally condemned attack has provoked unprecedented sanctions from Western governments...
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    Envoy: Duterte willing to open facilities to US if Ukraine-Russia crisis spiIIs over to Asia

    President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed his willingness to open Philippine facilities to the United States military if the Russian-Ukraine crisis s***** over to the Asian region, Manila's top diplomat to Washington said Thursday. “He says if they're asking for the support of the Philippines he...
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    Trivia #Anonymous häçks Over 400 #Russian Public Cameras.

    =AZVgZmY3wRLl4LvRUywiWLZGXkZYje36S5R7SKHsbDRklcedBR_ZMelfb-VeMeBrtRv1y2I_HqNkJC_2wBg1hfil1TvApzAMDj5iRkOuj-pbn57Wd6vbEhCkkoO1iioGU995jExj0khfdikVdEzDX-85l2xWSR0eESgawLxA7L86ugElBVo4QVeRwJVWQyLIYYE&tn=*NK*F']#Anonymous häçks Over 400...
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    Putin, Biden meet a go; Ukraine tensions soar

    KIEV: Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden have agreed to a summit — to be held only if Moscow does not invade Ukraine, France announced Monday following a frantic new round of diplomacy to avert an all-out war. Both leaders have said yes in principle to the summit...
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    Android Themes Patulong nman po zip code ng russia

    Bakit palaging invalid ang zipcode ng russia, pwde po mka hingi ng info zalid zip code ng russia thanks
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    Globe TM Ehi na working sa kiss websites

    Working po tong ehi na to sa mga kisswebsites see ss na lang po, see link nalang para sa EHI. ps:lalabas po config expired pero workung naman po sya. ☆Pruweba para maniwala☆
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    Globe TM Request russia ehi for globe.

    baka po meron kayong russia server na ehi, baka po pwedeng i-share? TIA
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    Trivia Fact-ay ako dito

    :)I remember the only one agent who caught me empty handed and shot me at the heart, her name was... Natasha Romanova:)
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    Trivia Shoot that fact-king bastard!!!

    Sa labas ang putok bess:)