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The Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 is secondary or subordinate legislation that suppresses India's Intermediary Guidelines Rules 2011. The 2021 rules have stemmed from section 87 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and are a combination of the draft Intermediaries Rules, 2018 and the OTT Regulation and Code of Ethics for Digital Media.The Central Government of India along with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) have coordinated in the development of the rules.Intermediaries had until 25 May 2021 to comply with the rules.

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  1. R

    Closed San po nakikita ang general rules and policy KaPHC?

    Nabasa ko na po sya dati may nakalimutan lang po hehe pahelp kaphc.
  2. H

    Closed 30second limit

    inalis na pala ng admin ang timer na 30sec. para sa pag comment.. Mas ok na nga ang wala kasi kailangan ko pa i-reload ang page bago makacomment. And laggy kapag meron nun.
  3. F

    Archive Paalala lang po..

    Attention! Paalala lang , nasa rules po na :) Kaya dahan dahan po tayo, kase rules yan dito. "Have a nice day fellow bisaya :) "
  4. M

    Closed Ano masasabi nyo tungkol sa new implemented rules sa phc to be an establish member?

    So ayun, napatupad na ngayong araw na ang lahat ng members sa PHC ay kailangan naka-associate ang Facebook account dito. Ano ang masasabi nyo tungkol dito? In my own opinion mas maganda ito like nung bagong nag member ako dito at least malalaman ng admins ang lahat ng FB accounts ng mga...
  5. P

    Closed Phcorner members read this...

    I started a conversation with Sshkit writing an apology for all the members of PHCorner who are sharing SSH Account and abusing the servers by using torrent. They already give us a warning so lets abide the rules of tcpvpn and its related site that we are using. With these I am calling the...
  6. U

    Closed Saan po makikita ang rules natin sa phc

    Wierd po tong tanong ko pero i need to read the rules kasi kaya na man thanks sa mag sasabi
  7. D

    Closed Ano po rules dito?

    abiding citizen po kasi ako. huehuhue
  8. G

    Closed Where's the rules?

    San po ba makikita yung rules dito sa phcorner?para po malaman ko kung anong bawal?
  9. P

    Closed Respect please!

    Please naman po, lalo na sa mga new members. wag naman po sana bara-bara kung magpost. Wag nyo namang gawing parang FB page tong site. Pumapangit na eh. Observe naman ng rules and guidelines. Puro flood posts nalang ng help pahelp mga new topics tapos pareparehas lang naman ang laman ng posts...
  10. A

    Closed Paalala lang mga kaphc

    Lalo na sa mga newbie, bigyan natin ng time basahin to. Credit sa admin.
  11. F

    Closed hi po sa mga newbie

    Welcome po sa PHC!! una po nating gawin para di malito or maligaw basahan po ang mga rules Welcome to phc po please read rules for guidelines Forum Rules: ShoutboxRules: SMS/Jejemon/Allcaps...
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    Closed Rules

    Ano po bang rules dito? Ano po mga bawal? Salamat po sa sasagot.

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