The House of Rohan (Breton: Roc'han) is a Breton family of viscounts, later dukes and princes in the French nobility, coming from the locality of Rohan in Brittany. Their line descends from the viscounts of Porhoët and is said to trace back to the legendary Conan Meriadoc. Through the Porhoët, the Rohan are related to the Dukes of Brittany, with whom the family intermingled again after its inception. During the Middle Ages, it was one of the most powerful families in the Duchy of Brittany. They developed ties with the French and English royal houses as well, and played an important role in French and European history.
The only surviving branch of the family is the branch of the Rohan-Rocheforts, Dukes of Montbazon, Dukes of Bouillon and Austrian Princes of Rohan, who migrated in the early 19th century to Austria.Following his marriage (1645) with Marguerite de Rohan, only daughter of Henri II de Rohan, first Duke de Rohan (who died in 1638 with no male heir), Henri Chabot, a descendant of the eldest branch of the House of Chabot, from Poitou, was made Duke of Rohan in 1648 and allowed to use the name Rohan-Chabot instead of his own, thus giving birth to the House of Rohan-Chabot.

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    My mga Avatara/ Rohan M players na ba dito? Pashare nmn ng tips sa farming ng item at kung saan maganda mag grindthanks
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    Anyone playing ROHAN SEA here? Pa tulong naman po.
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    Closed About sa nprotect gameguard

    Hello po pls patulong.. Pano po ma bypass ang nprotect game guard sa rohan using process häçk 2 na tool tulungan nyo nmn ako plsssss kc hnd q ma bypass kaya d ko mgmit ung wpe pang daya ng stats sana may mgling na häçker dto please need badly
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    Closed Tulong mga kapatid

    Bale kasi galing ako ng Rohan PH. Sinara na nila yung Rohan nayun diba? Kasi nga parang nalugi ata yung LevelUP! Bukas naman yung main developer na iRohan ba yun o Rohan Blood Feud. Pumayag sila na magtransfer ng account kaso huling huli na ako. May chance pa kaya na marecover yung account ko...
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    Makatulong ma reward......

    mga sir may alam dyan ng rohan....... alam nyo poh ba ung rps häçk... paturo naman pohhhhhh.......