Rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza sativa (Asian rice) or less commonly Oryza glaberrima (African rice). The name wild rice is usually used for species of the genera Zizania and Porteresia, both wild and domesticated, although the term may also be used for primitive or uncultivated varieties of Oryza.

As a cereal grain, domesticated rice is the most widely consumed staple food for over half of the world's human population, especially in Asia and Africa. It is the agricultural commodity with the third-highest worldwide production, after sugarcane and maize. Since sizable portions of sugarcane and maize crops are used for purposes other than human consumption, rice is the most important food crop with regard to human nutrition and caloric intake, providing more than one-fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by humans. There are many varieties of rice and culinary preferences tend to vary regionally.

The traditional method for cultivating rice is flooding the fields while, or after, setting the young seedlings. This simple method requires sound irrigation planning but reduces the growth of less robust weed and pest plants that have no submerged growth state, and deters vermin. While flooding is not mandatory for the cultivation of rice, all other methods of irrigation require higher effort in weed and pest control during growth periods and a different approach for fertilizing the soil.

Rice, a monocot, is normally grown as an annual plant, although in tropical areas it can survive as a perennial and can produce a ratoon crop for up to 30 years. Rice cultivation is well-suited to countries and regions with low labor costs and high rainfall, as it is labor-intensive to cultivate and requires ample water. However, rice can be grown practically anywhere, even on a steep hill or mountain area with the use of water-controlling terrace systems. Although its parent species are native to Asia and certain parts of Africa, centuries of trade and exportation have made it commonplace in many cultures worldwide. Production and consumption of rice is estimated to have been responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2010.

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    Rice yern

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    Cordon Rice

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    1 rice lang ako

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    NFA proposes to import 330,000MT of rice

    he National Food Authority (NFA) is planning to import over 330,000 metric tons (MT) of rice to replenish the country’s buffer stock of the staple in anticipation of calamities. advertisement In a statement, the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) said the NFA is proposing the importation...
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    Motivational Rice

    Nakatikim na ba lahat? Stay motivated!
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    My hotdog na!

    Kapares ng motivational rice nyo
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    Tapos drinks mo tubig with water

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    100 pesos MOtivational Rice ni Rendon LAbador

    100 pesos .. sobra mahal , for me .. plain rice lang sya ma meron onion stem sa taas ..
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    Half rice

    diet daw sya half rice lang nga daw kinakain nya yung half rice:
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    Trivia Can I delete the last comma in the sentence, "I like eating apples, rice, and noodles"?

    Although it may be a common practice to omit the final comma in a series, it is not recommended. If we do omit it, “rice and noodles” could be erroneously considered to be a single dish consisting of two ingredients, instead of two separate foods.
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    Pastil na may konting rice

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    Sino may gusto ng plane rice?

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    For Sale Discounted 4x Jollibee 1pc Chicken w/ Rice

    Selling ChickenJoy 1pc w/ Rice = 65 Gcash/Paymaya Only Each (4 pcs Available) NOTE: Once na nasend ung code = Non-Refundable (since nakita niyo na yung code) Payment First po ako
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    Trivia Is "He said that he loves eating rice" a correct sentence?

    No. Because it is reported speech, the tense of the reported speech must match the reporting speech. Therefore, the sentence in this case should read: “He said that he loved eating rice.” If it were not reported but quoted speech, then it should read: “He said, ’I love eating rice.’”
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    For Sale For sale Jollibee Chickenjoy with Rice

    baka may bumibili dito ng jollibee 1 pc. cj w/ rice 55 gc each, fixed price.
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    For Sale Chicken Joy w/ Rice (2 pieces)

    1 Chicken joy and 1 Rice for 60 pesos each. Via Sharetreat po yung code. Screenshot na lang ng code yung ibibigay. Payment first.
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    Avatar Rice

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    20 pesos Rice

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    Usapang rice.

    simula ng ma opo si duterte nag shortage at nagmahal ung bigas bigla. kumakain na kasi ung mga adik kaya nag ka ubosan na ng bigas, tssss.. dapat e finish nalng ehh :)
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    Feedback Dahilan sa rice shortage / pagtaas ng presyo sa bigas

    Alam niyo ba? na Dahilan sa Rice Shortage at pagtaas ng persyo nito sa merkado. ANS: Dahil 70% ng mga addict noon ay kumain na ngayon
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    Closed Energy saving ricecooker

    Tipid sa kuryente mga repa:)
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    Closed Freerice.com - quizzes for a cause

    Tara mga repa quiz tayo:) :)hit!
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    Closed Saan ba mas mkaka-tipid rice cooker or gas stove?

    Hello guys, gusto ko lang sana malaman kung ano ba mas efficient talaga at saan ako mas mkatipid. Mejo mataas kase rate ng kuryente dito lalo na at sub-meter kaya napapa-isip talaga ako kung alin ang mas mainam gamitin sa dalawa. Rice cooker ba or gas stove, ano mas mainam gamitin pang luto ng...
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    Closed Ilang rice nakakaya mong kainin samang inasal

    Bes bawal na ba unli rice? Wew paano na kaming nagpapataba? Unfair naman
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    Closed Easy fried rice

    View: https://web.facebook.com/12Tomatoes/videos/1189520597749335/ Fried rice just might be our favorite part of Chinese takeout, but we always have more fun trying to recreate our favorite restaurant dishes at home. Well we definitely hit the jackpot with our latest super fast and flavorful...
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    Closed Fried Sticky Rice Mango

    Add Mango To Sticky Rice And Serve Your Palette The Right Way View: https://phc.onl/#forbidden#/oaBlMuEm5l0 Fried Sticky Rice Mango Here’s what you will need: 3/4 cup of coconut cream 1/4 cup of palm sugar 1/2 tsp of salt Mango 2 cups of water 1 cup of sticky rice Rice flour Condensed milk...