RETRIEVE is a database management system (DBMS) offered on Tymshare's systems starting in August 1971. It was written in Tymshare's own SUPER FORTRAN on the SDS 940. It offered basic single-file, non-relational database functionality using an interactive programming language. It is one of the earliest examples of software as a service (SaaS).RETRIEVE was highly influential and spawned a number of relatively direct clones. Wang Laboratories's RECALL on the Wang 2200 minicomputer was almost identical to RETRIEVE, to the point the differences were detailed in a single page. JPL made a version known as JPLDIS for the UNIVAC 1108 in 1973 that was also very similar.
Wayne Ratliff, a contractor at JPL for many years, was inspired by JPLDIS to port it to the IMSAI 8080 to manage his football pool, later releasing it commercially as Vulcan for CP/M in 1979. Ashton-Tate licensed Vulcan and re-released it as dBASE II in 1980, which sparked the microcomputer database market. Most of RETRIEVE's original syntax remains unchanged in dBASE and the many xBASE clones that survive into the 21st century.

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    Help Any way to view or retrieve my google form responses?

    Mga sir at ma'am baka may alam kayong way para makita or ma view yung responses ko sa google form. Gusto ko lang i check if na include ko yung gusto kong sabihin sa part na yun. Close na kasi yung form.
  2. D

    Help Gmail acc

  3. J

    Help Help to retrieve my häçked ML account

    I'm trying to retrieve my ml acc. it was häçked years ago pero nabuksan ko sya ulit ngayon, binded kasi sa google play at moonton acc ko yon. Now, gusto ko sana alisin yung naka bind na facebook account ng häçker. Triny ko na kanina alisin pero need daw ng 30days kasi nag change ng ip...
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    Help Retrieve Gmail

    Hello mga mamsir, may pag asa pa po ba ma retrieve itong gmail ko na nahäçk, salamat po
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    Help Retrieve deleted Flash drive photos

    Hi, keri po kaya na maretrieve yung nadelete na photos sa flash drive. Need help.
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    Help Sino marunong mag retrieve ng ml

    Hello guys sino marunong mag retrieve ng ml pinalitan ksi yung ml ko inang yun magbayd po ako
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    Help Pano marecover yung files after format?

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    Ka-PHC Baka may makatulong po sa akin regarding sa snatch na phone, kung sino po may kaya maretrieve yung Fb nalang

    Update: Nabalik na po yung account through globe sim replacement po Special thanks to sir: ledin Mahalaga po kasi yung fb account ng tita ko, andon po nakalagay yung mga clients niya. Anyways po kung paano maretrieve thank you. Thank you. Ps. Yung number na gamit niya pang sign in kasama...
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    Closed Need help.

    Paano ko po Pwede malaman password ng acc KO uli.pls maglologin din sana ako sa isa kong cp kaso nalimutan ko help mga kaphc
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    Closed Question

    Sir/Mam pewede ba natin ma retrieve ang lahat ng files na na delete sa sdcard gamit ang smart phone? Ano pong application ang gagamitin ko? Thank You
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    Closed Retrieve facebook account

    help po guyz!! paano e retrieve yung facebook account w/o email and phone number sino merong tool diyan pm po sakin
  12. L

    Closed Retrieve Webpage

    Mga boss tulungan nyo ako kng paano ma retrieve yong webpage na old,,,
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    Help (retrieve facebook account)

    Mga master na häçk po fb ng kapatid ko at ginagamit ngayon pang scam. Pano po ma retrieve yun? Expire na daw gmail/yahoomail nun at lumang phone number nka register dun. Patulong nman kasi madadamay mga mukha namin. Thanks po"!!
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    rtrieve saved links in hpbacklinks

    good day po!! pano po mare-retrieve yung na-save kong mgalinks sa ?? nawala na po kasi ung mga sinave ko pagbukas ko ng accnt ko ulet.. thanks in advanced :D