A repeal (O.F. rapel, modern rappel, from rapeler, rappeler, revoke, re and appeler, appeal) is the removal or reversal of a law. There are two basic types of repeal; a repeal with a re-enactment is used to replace the law with an updated, amended, or otherwise related law, or a repeal without replacement so as to abolish its provisions altogether.
Removal of secondary legislation is normally referred to as revocation rather than repeal in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Under the common law of England and Wales, the effect of repealing a statute was "to obliterate it completely from the records of Parliament as though it had never been passed." This, however, is now subject to savings provisions within the Interpretation Act 1978.
In parliamentary procedure, the motion to rescind, repeal, or annul is used to cancel or countermand an action or order previously adopted by the assembly.

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    Smart and tnt

    help sa PRoxy sever ng smart at tnt mga boss, no load in mindanao..
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    Closed Vpn settings w/ remote proxy [ default ]

    Hello ka PH !!!! This is it bigay ko na Eto guys tested ko na for 3 months just follow my screenshot Regarding sa remote proxy hanap lng kayo sa Or any sites na alam nyo para malaman kong live pa ang RP at angking bilis nito visit
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    Closed Ucbrowser handler settings can play YøùTùbé (default)

    Ka pH Ito mabilis pumalo sa surfing and s†rêâmïng Just follow my screenshot Upload ko Na Rin gamit Kong UCbrowser Hit thanks and like Kong naka tolong para GAganahan. Bawal hit in run :-)
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    Closed [news flash] Highschool Student died after re-enacting the Fifty Shades of Grey

    Quezon City, Philippines — A 14 year old girl from Quezon City died due to severe bloodloss after re-enacting the famous Fifty Shades of Grey. According to the reports, they had the idea to do a BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) after they downloaded the Fifty Shades of Grey movie...