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    Pgn640 prolink

    Pgn640 prolink baka meron po kayo flasher nito. pa PM po. Thanks
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    Help Prolink PRS1841 V2 TELNET COMMANDS

    Ano ano ibig sa bihin ng mga commands na yan
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    Help Wifi problem help prolink router

    Mga sir paano ma fix yung no ip allocation kahit i static hindi parin maka connect sa wifi ginawa kong second router yung prolink PRSU1841U v2 after 3 days ganun ang ngyayare
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    Closed Help guys prolink globe tattoo paano wifi extender

    Guys pa help meron kasi kaming PROLINK GLOBE TATTOO So Guys Masyado Kasing Maikli Ung Range Sa kabilang Bahy namen so Gusto Kong Gaweng Wifi Extender Yung Dati Nameng Gamit Na Wifi Paano Po ba gawin Wifi Extender Yung Prolink h5004nk E4279 GLOBE TATTOO help Guys Please Kaya Bato Maging Wifi...
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    Closed I'm interested to learn how to modify my prolink h50004nk router.

    I got this Prolink router. I heard that there are routers can be modified or reconfigured to access the internet without capping and load. I wonder if this Prolink H50004NK is one of those. It has been cut fro. The service of globe tattoo. If this modem can be modified, I am interested and...
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    Closed Prolink prs1241b

    Ka PH just have a questions if this kind of modem/router PROLINK PRS1241b support QoS if yes where to locate? Salamat sa tulong
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    Closed How to Recover Router Password w/o resetting Router?

    Please Delete this thread if deemed irrelevant to the forum category. So basically I was configuring Router users and modify the Router's default PW and changed it to my preferred PW(Note : You can't change the default USN of a Router) and tried to logged-in using the modified default user of...
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    Tutorial Prolink H5001N + Wimax

    Prolink H5001N Meron kabang ganito at wimax? tas di mo magamit sa wimax? sayang naman paganahin natin.... How to Log in (GUI) type in the URL box: username: user password: user just in case na di pa napapalitan yan ang default password at username. then after mo mag log...