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In computing, an avatar is a graphical representation of a user or the user's character or persona. Avatars can be two-dimensional icons in Internet forums and other online communities, where they are also known as profile pictures, userpics, or formerly picons (personal icons). Alternatively, an avatar can take the form of a three-dimensional model, as used in online worlds and video games.
The term avatāra () originates from Sanskrit, and was adopted by early computer games and science fiction novelists. Richard Garriott extended the term to an on-screen user representation in 1985, and the term gained wider adoption in Internet forums and MUDs. Nowadays, avatars are used in a variety of online settings including social media, virtual assistants, instant messaging platforms, and digital worlds such as World of Warcraft and Second Life. They can take the form of an image of one's real-life self, as often seen on platforms like Facebook, or a virtual character that diverges from the real world. Often, these are customised to show support for different causes, or to create a unique online representation.
Academic research has focused on how avatars can influence the outcomes of communication and digital identity. Users can employ avatars with fictional characteristics to gain social acceptance or ease social interaction. However, studies have found that the majority of users choose avatars that resemble their real-world selves.

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  1. D

    Help Profile picture

    pano mag change ng profile pic mga mam and sir.
  2. H

    Help Paano po magpalit ng profile picture dito?

    Di po gumagana ibang tutorials na nahanap ko dito eh. Appreciate ko po help niyo :)
  3. C

    Help How to add profile picture?

    Hello mga lodi, tanong ko lang pano ko palitan ang profile picture ko? Tiningnan ko na lahat ng settings sa account ko pero walang option to change profile picture.
  4. D

    Tutorial New! Added support for gif avatars, profile picture and profile banners.

    But with limits! Maximum avatar file size: 512 KB Maximum profile banner file Size: 1024 KB Demo? My profile picture Worried sa malaking file size ng GIF avatars or banners?
  5. P

    Help Upload Profile Picture PHC

    Paano po mag upload ng wallpaper sa PHC Account?
  6. D

    Closed Gif na Profile picture dito sa Phc? Pano?

    pano ba yun mga master?
  7. W

    Profile PICTURE

    Pano po mag lagay ng profile pic dito? di ko kase mahanap ty
  8. S

    Feedback Gif profile picture?

    Bawal na po ba mag lagay ng gif na profile rito? Naka gif profile ako before tapos nagpalit ako temporary lang sana then nung pagbalik ko sa gif na profile hindi na siya gumagalaw.
  9. P

    Profile picture

    Yes pwede nako maglagay picture Ilang beses po pwede magpalit?
  10. M

    Pwede na ko magpalit ng profile picture!

    sobrang saya pwede na ko maglagay ng profile pic!!! :) salamat PHC family. salamat tlga sa support ❤️ hahanapin ko pinakamaganda kong picture! ewan ko nalang kung di pa din ako magkajowa char lang hehe
  11. U

    Help How to change profile picture??

    Pano po palitan profile picture ko d2?
  12. P

    Poll GIF Avatar

    I just want to know how many of you are in favor of bringing back the GIF avatar option in this forum.
  13. Y

    Closed Help please

    paano po mag lagay ng profile pic dito ? salamat po god bless good morning mga kapatid
  14. B

    Closed Profile pic

    ask ko lang po. bakit di ako makapag upload ng pic? lagi po errir eh. lalagyan ko sana pic yung profile ko dito. may requirements ba bago ako makapag upload? or need na kailangan ko gawin?
  15. T

    Closed Free request sa may gusto nang gumagalaw na profile picture

    Just send me the link of your .gif you can google it. paliitin natin para maging pwede kay phcorner. like, follow and qoute! check samples. you can use it too.
  16. H

    Closed Na established na ko at hindi, hindi pa rin ako nakapag upload ng profile picture

    help naman mga paps... Naging Enthuasist na ko wala pa rin ako profile. Huhuhu... Pa notice naman mga senpai... Onegai... Onegai.. tasukete ! Dareka ... :(
  17. E

    Closed ✘✘ about profile picture/avatar ✘✘

    goodevening guys.. ask ko lang po kung ano yung standard size ng picture and limit ng file size for gif avatar.. mag create na kasi ako ng gif avatar and wala akong idea kung ano yung restrictions.. wala kasi sa details pag ni-click ko yung slot for pic. thanks in advance mates \m/ Ed Von D
  18. H

    Closed Pa help naman sa paggawa ng profile picture dito sa phcorner pls

    Gusto ko maglagay ng profile picture sa account ko :(. May website ba diyan na pwedeng madaliin ang problema ko?
  19. J

    Closed Paano po mapalit ng profile picture?

    Salamat sa sasagot
  20. S

    Closed Profile picture

    Pano mag lagay ng profile picture dito?
  21. L

    Closed How to put a profile picture?

    PAturo naman po ?? Established lng ba pwede mkalagay ng profile pic??
  22. L

    Closed Profile picture

    Pano lagyan ng Profile picture ung acc mo pwede ba .gif ung ilagay sa Profile picture mo
  23. G

    Closed Patulong po sana

    pano po lagyan ng picture yung profile ko? wala po kasi mukha puro noo:( tnx
  24. L

    Closed Paano magupload ng picture?

    Gusto ko sanang lagyan ng picture dp ko. Kaso di ko alam kung papaano. Pls patulong.
  25. L

    Closed Paano magupload ng picture?

    Gusto ko sanang lagyan ng picture dp ko. Kaso di ko alam kung papaano. Pls patulong.
  26. N

    Closed Patulong lang po ako tungkol sa profile piture?

    Kasi mararami na akong sinubokan na mga piture piro ayaw po . paano ba gagawin para mag ka profile picture? Estublished na man ako.
  27. N

    Closed Paano mag karoon ng profil picture?

    Patulong po paano magkaroon ng profile picture? Stablished na po ako.
  28. P

    How to change profile picture in phcorner (newbie)

    Pano po magpalit ng profile picture dito? newbie lang po paturo
  29. K

    Closed Profile picture?

    Ask lang po kung paano maglagay ng icon/ profile picture? Newbie po eh TIA (y)
  30. L

    Closed Question

    Pano po maglagay ng profile picture?
  31. S

    Closed How?

    paano po mag palit nang picture mga boss?
  32. Z

    Closed NEWBIE HERE

    HI to all... pano palitan yung profile pic? pa help naman po pls...
  33. C

    Closed pano magka profile pic?

    Ask ko lng po pano maglagay ng profile pic dito sa phc?? Chineck ko na profile ko pero wlang ako nakitang option for profile pic eh :( any help pls? Thx in advance :)
  34. V

    Closed Profile Picture and Other Settings

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member here in PHCorner, I just wanna ask if how will I be able to upload a profile picture? Please tell me more about how this site works. Your help will be very much appreciated. :)
  35. W

    Closed How to change Your Profile Pic?

    Sino po nakakaalam pano mag palit ng profile picture po.?
  36. Y

    Closed Profile Picture

    Admin tanong ko lang po ano pa po kulang sa requirements ko para magka profile picture? Thanks po
  37. G

    Closed Leecher Profile pic

    Hi to all leecher.. connect niyu lang ang Facebook niyu sa Phcorner para meron kayung profile picture. or login with Facebook...
  38. B

    Closed Profile Pic

    Hi po Masters! Baguhan lang po ako. Pano po mag change ng profile pic ditu ^_^ Salamat po =)
  39. D

    Closed Profile Pic for newbie

    Panu ko malagayan ng PP yung Account ko mga Master
  40. G

    Closed Picture

    pano po mag post ng profile picture dito??