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Joke chess problems are puzzles in chess that use humor as a primary or secondary element. Although most chess problems, like other creative forms, are appreciated for serious artistic themes (Grimshaw, Novotny, and Lacny), joke chess problems are enjoyed for some twist. In some cases the composer plays a trick to prevent a solver from succeeding with typical analysis. In other cases, the humor derives from an unusual final position. Unlike in ordinary chess puzzles, joke problems can involve a solution which violates the inner logic or rules of the game.

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    Closed Eagleget (forbidden) patulong boss

    Good day boss! ask lang sa eagleget ko nagdownload ako at nasa mahigit 1.2Gb na sya pero bigla na lang di na gumagalaw wala na siyang na rereceive 0Kbps na nakalagay pinuse ko ni resume ulit pagtingin ko sa log 403 forbidden na nakalagay pa help naman boss
  2. P

    Closed Help in downloading such file!!!.........................?

    mga master hindi ko ma dl ang mga files dito sa site na to..bakit kaya?? problem kaya yong link niya or deads na..
  3. U

    Closed No audio problem win8

    patulong po . windows 8 po os ko .. ung audio ko po kasi kahit anung update ko sa audio driver no audio pa rin .. naka sabi sa properties device cannot start error CODE 10
  4. I

    Closed mga boss bakit di maka download,,,can't connect to server 127,0,0,1

    di ako maka download ... can't connect to server ano ba dapat gawin thnks,