Princess is a regal rank and the feminine equivalent of prince (from Latin princeps, meaning principal citizen). Most often, the term has been used for the consort of a prince, or for the daughter of a king or prince.

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    Akala ko happily ever after na.

    Ctto. Ayoko ng maging prinsesa hahha
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    Gising na ang Disney princess!

    Yung princess:
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    Help Pa-Request po!

    HELLO, Baka po pwede mag request ng movie mga lods? BARBIE: PRINCESS CHARM SCHOOL (2011)
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    Mia and the Dragon Princess

    "Mia and the Dragon Princess" is a heartwarming story that takes readers on a journey to a magical world filled with dragons and adventure. The story follows Mia, a young girl who learns valuable lessons about bravery, friendship, and perseverance as she embarks on a quest to save the Dragon...
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    Fiction Sophia, Princess Among Beasts by James Patterson

    Sophia, Princess Among Beasts James Patterson A princess who has lost her mother and father finds herself in a terrifying world that urgently needs a queen in this thrilling fantasy novel. Sophia is smart, beautiful, and accomplished, a beloved princess devoted to the people and to reading...
  6. flute princess.jpg

    flute princess.jpg

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    Closed Request : the princess switch

    parequest po kung sino meron
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    Closed Eto na po yung proof ng no load ko

    Guys eto na po yung proof ng no load ko hanggang ngayon gamit ko pa din sya. Kayo na lang po bahala husgahan to. Eto na din po yung link edited na. Sorry di ko nasama kanina, CAVITE area po ako Credit na lang sa may ari ng ehi file -PHC-Adrian_paul23...
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    Closed No capping sa globe?

    Guys tanong ko lang no capping na ba sa globe and TM, nag accept kase ako sa GS ng offers na dalawang 20 mb. Tapos kanina pa ko nanunuod sa YøùTùbé and nagbobrowse pero 40 mb pa din yung balance ko sa datally. Di na ko nagscreenshot ng proof kase baka maya2 mawala din. Try ko muna hanggang bukas.
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    Closed May free internet for smart po ba ?

    Hi.. pa help naman po kung sino po nakakaalam kung meron po free internet tricks for OIS smart user po ako.. Salamat po sa makakasagot.
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    Closed Princess mg globe and tm only
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    Closed All sim ehi 3mbps only
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    Closed cherry apollo

    Panu ibalik sa dating version.. Inupdate ko ung "software update" .. Then dming apps na nlgay sa phone na d nmn kailangan .. Bmba dn an rom
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    Closed unli call worth of 10

    Unli call sa load na 10 bukod sa katok10 .. Talk n text