Prezi is a Hungarian video and visual communications software company founded in 2009 in Hungary, with offices in San Francisco, Budapest and Riga as of 2020. According to Prezi, in 2021, the software company has more than 100 million users worldwide who have created approximately 400 million presentations. In 2019, they launched Prezi Video, a tool that allows for virtual presentations within the video screen of a live or recorded video. The word "Prezi" is the short form of "presentation" in Hungarian. As of January 2022, the company had around 300 employees in 13 countries.

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  1. S

    Help Prezi Pro software

    Baka meron dito pc app na prezi. pahingi po.
  2. F

    Closed ρrémíùm Prezi account

    Hi mga maam and sir ask ko lang if meron kayong prezi ρrémíùm account, pwedeng pahiram po ? Kaka start palang ng college pero napaka dami na ginagawa hahaha napakalaking tulong if mapapahiram nyo po ako salamat mga ka phc
  3. H

    Closed penge naman po focusky or prezi for thesis lang.

    penge naman pong accounts ng focusky or prezi. o kahit po cr@cked nila kung meron. or kahit ano pong presentation na may pan, tilt at zoom. madaming salamat po.
  4. U

    Closed Badly needed Prezi account

    Pahiram po ng prezi account need lang po bukas para sa defense :( advance thankyou sa magpapahiram o mamimigay
  5. P

    Closed Pahingi prezi

    Pahingi po prezi account
  6. S

    Closed Looking for prezi account for school

    Baka may prezi account po kayo, kahit pahiram lang po. Para po sa school, salamat po.
  7. I

    Closed Help! need ko lang ng prezi ρrémíùm

    Hi! Sino may prezi account? badly needed lang talaga. May presentations ako this Saturday. Thank you!
  8. B

    Closed Prezi offline (free lifetime)

    Para sa mga students!! level up your presentations or reports. Sawa na ba sa PPT (powerpoint) here the good news, we have prezi application which is very friendly to the user. But you need to be online palagi, what if we can make an lifetime offline prezi software. Panu?? Heto: 1. sign up at...
  9. J

    Closed Prezi pro

    pahingi naman ng link mga boss ng prezi nyo with ***** thank you
  10. I

    Closed Need prezi plus or ρrémíùm

    Urgent.. Sino po may prezi, either plus or ρrémíùm account? need lang po for research presentation. Thank you!
  11. L

    Closed Need prezi

    Guys sino may ρrémíùm account ng prezi pwede mahiram for educational purpose lang po salamat
  12. L

    Closed Presentation remote : android phone as remote control on presentations (ppt,prezi,etc.)

    eto mga kapatid, para makatulong sa mga mahilig sa reporting at presentation gamit and POWERPOINT or PREZI or ETC.... gawing remote control ang iyong Android Phone/ Android devices.. ONLY FOR LAPTOP/PC WITH BLUETOOTH CONNECTIONS pag connected na, VIOLA!!! Instant Remote Control na ang iyong...
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    Tutorial Prezi : The New Way to Present Your Presentation [UNLIMITED DAYS OF EXPIRATION]

    Overview sa Prezi Hit It ---> View: https://www.YøùTùbé.com/watch?v=pxhqD0hNx4Q Tutorial para sa Unlimited Expiration Day: [ Kailangan muna ng internet access dito] 1. Gawa muna kayo ng Account sa Prezi - Presentation Software . trial Version 30days 2. download nyo yung Prezi desktop app...

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