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The Associated Press Poll (AP Poll) provides weekly rankings of the top 25 NCAA teams in one of three Division I college sports: football, men's basketball and women's basketball. The rankings are compiled by polling 62 sportswriters and broadcasters from across the nation. Each voter provides their own ranking of the top 25 teams, and the individual rankings are then combined to produce the national ranking by giving a team 25 points for a first place vote, 24 for a second place vote, and so on down to 1 point for a twenty-fifth place vote. Ballots of the voting members in the AP Poll are made public.

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    Sino nakapag aral sa UE dyan pasok

    Sa mga nakapag aral na po sa University of the East ano po kihuha nyong kurso at magkano tuition nyo? Poll lang po salamat po
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    Closed Hello i just want to clarify something.

    Are you experiencing the following errors or rather inconviniences with your VPN: Google-based payloads took too long to respond(i mean yung cant connect) Remote Proxy Error(yung connection lost) Can't Reconnect(yung ayaw maka recon) and lastly, Forced Closed yung VPN itself If you are...
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    Me,myself, and i

    i,m poldo 19 from negros