PlayStation (Japanese: プレイステーション, Hepburn: Pureisutēshon, officially abbreviated as PS) is a video game brand that consists of five home video game consoles, two handhelds, a media center, and a smartphone, as well as an online service and multiple magazines. The brand is produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a division of Sony; the first PlayStation console was released in Japan in December 1994, and worldwide the following year.The original console in the series was the first console of any type to ship over 100 million units, doing so in under a decade. Its successor, the PlayStation 2, was released in 2000. The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling home console to date, having reached over 155 million units sold by the end of 2012. Sony's next console, the PlayStation 3, was released in 2006, selling over 87.4 million units by March 2017. Sony's next console, the PlayStation 4, was released in 2013, selling a million units within a day, becoming the fastest selling console in history. The latest console in the series, the PlayStation 5, was released in 2020 and sold 10 million units in its first 249 days, unseating its predecessor as the fastest-selling PlayStation console to-date.The first handheld game console in the series, the PlayStation Portable or PSP, sold a total of 80 million units worldwide by November 2013. Its successor, the PlayStation Vita, which launched in Japan in December 2011 and in most other major territories in February 2012, selling over four million units by January 2013. PlayStation TV is a microconsole and a non-portable variant of the PlayStation Vita handheld game console. Other hardware released as part of the PlayStation series includes the PSX, a digital video recorder which was integrated with the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, though it was short-lived due to its high price and was never released outside Japan, as well as a Sony Bravia television set which has an integrated PlayStation 2. The main series of controllers utilized by the PlayStation series is the DualShock, which is a line of vibration-feedback gamepad having sold 28 million controllers by June 2008.The PlayStation Network is an online service with about 110 million registered users (as of June 2013) and over 103 million active users monthly. (as of December 2019) It comprises an online virtual market, the PlayStation Store, which allows the purchase and download of games and various forms of multimedia, a subscription-based online service known as PlayStation Plus and a social gaming networking service called PlayStation Home, which had over 41 million users worldwide at the time of its closure in March 2015. PlayStation Mobile (formerly PlayStation Suite) is a software framework that provides PlayStation content on mobile devices. Version 1.xx supports both PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV and certain devices that run the Android operating system, whereas version 2.00 released in 2014 only targeted PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV. Content set to be released under the framework consist of only original PlayStation games currently.Seventh generation PlayStation products also use the XrossMediaBar, which is an Technology & Engineering Emmy Award–winning graphical user interface. A touch screen-based user interface called LiveArea was launched for the PlayStation Vita, which integrates social networking elements into the interface. Additionally, the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 consoles also featured support for Linux-based operating systems; Linux for PlayStation 2 and OtherOS respectively, though this has since been discontinued. The series has also been known for its numerous marketing campaigns, the latest of which being the "Greatness Awaits" and eventually, "Play Has No Limits" commercials in the United States.
The series also has a strong line-up of first-party games due to SIE Worldwide Studios, a group of many studios owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment that exclusively developed them for PlayStation consoles. In addition, the series features various budget re-releases of games by Sony with different names for each region; these include the Greatest Hits, Platinum, Essentials, and The Best selection of games.

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    PS5 yung jailbreak na.
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    PlayStation Poll question tayo guys!

    Pick the game you prefer for PS game 2020. Pwede rin kayo mag-share ng opinions for this poll. *Sorry, guys. Tagal ko hindi nag-post. :') #ElenaDrake
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    How to portforward sa globe at home

    Ang gulo kase ano ilalagay sa start time at end time? O mali lang ginawa ko balak ko lang kasing palitan ang nat type naka nat type 3 kasi yung device ko baguhan lang ako sa ganito pero need lang tlga salamat
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    PlayStation Our playstation questions that can't just define? here are my amswers.

    Q: Bakit wala tayong Philippine PSN region? A: Dahil sa compability ng network natin dito sa Pilipinas. Di kasi verified ang internet speed ng internet providers (PLDT/Globe) natin. Pwede naman tayo makapag-laro online sa PS4, but since wala tayong sariling server in some games, nakikihalo tayo...
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    PlayStation Latest ps4 update 6.00

    An update to the PlayStation®4 system software was released on September 13, 2018. Always update your PS4™ system to the latest version of the system software. By updating, you can enjoy additional features, improved usability, and enhanced security. Main features in system software update...
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    PlayStation Latest psvita update 3.69

    PlayStation®Vita system software version 3.69 was released on September 11. New for 3.69 This system software update improves system performance. Note: Sa mga may h-encore / henkaku diyan... huwag i-update dahil... EDIT: Kung kilala niyo si TheFlow (sa GitHub), hindi na siya...
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    New ps vita håck for firmwares 3.65+.

    Para sa hindi pa nakakaalam may bagong håck na para sa PS Vita na may firmwares 3.65 pataas hanggang 3.68. Mag da dalawang semana na ito pero parang walang may alam dito. Eto ang link sa baba patungo sa author ng håck at ang mga tools at instruction para magawa nyo ang håck...
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    SoftEther Ps4 users, pasok! softether pc hotspot → ps4 - i need feedbacks.

    Hello guys. I would like to share my new discovery to the SoftEther hotspot. Video Tutorial: Very helpful po ito lalo na kapag maglalaro ng PSN games such as Fortnite, Brawlhalla, etc. (Not recommeded for Downloading.) Please, pa-feedback po kung working rin po sa...
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    PlayStation We need feedbacks. - softether vpn on pc tether to ps4 - experimental

    Guys! I-share ko na ito. Please, need ko ng feedback. :'( Video tutorial: Very helpful po ito lalo na sa mga gumagamit ng Softether diyan. ;) #ElenaDrake
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    Tutorial Pasok, mga ps4 heavy download users diyan! more tricks and tips.

    No WiFi? No internet for PS4 game update? Slow internet? Well, this is the right place to do it. :) Hello, guys. This is me, ElenaDrake and I'm going to show you how to download free game / update game on your PS4. Note: This thread will also be re-posted on my group named PlayStation Lovers...
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    Direct Link Monster hunter freedom unite

    MONSTER HUNTER FREEDOM UNITE (846 mb LANGUAGE - English RELEASE DATE - 2008 GENRE - Action, Adventure, Hot Game A portable version of the creature-hunting game by Capcom's Resident Evil Outbreak creators. In Monster Hunter Freedom, challengers take on a variety of quests and conquer larger...
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    PlayStation List of legit sites of downloading iso, cso, pkg, etc. (psp, ps3, ps4 and psvita) - PSP/PSVita. - PSP/PS Classics. - PSP and PS Classics. - PSP. - PSP and PS Classics. - PS3/PS4. - PSP. Enjoy! *Based from experiences. Feel free to suggest.
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    PlayStation Welcome to ps lovers! drop your psn id's, para laro tayo.

    Hello mga ka-PS! Drop po kayo ng PSN ID niyo, (Sorry, nagbago ulit ako ng acc ko.) My PSN ID: YT-ElenaDrakePS Happy Gaming!
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    PlayStation Guide: hot ps games this february 2018

    Hello! This is me, ElenaDrake and I'm going to share you this mini-guide into my PS updates about some games released this February 2018. Shadow of the Colossus (Remastered) for PS4. Released on Feb. 6. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] for PS3, PS4 and PSVita. Released on Feb. 9. Kingdom...
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    Help How to get injected games from ps3 to external hard drive

    Hi, pano kunin yung mga injected games from ps3 to pc/hdd balak ko kasi isave yung games sayang kasi bayad ko kung idelete ko lang to,
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    Archive Chrono_cross_ disk 2 :)[Disc1of2]_/36679
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    Crash team racing [u] iso
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    Closed Help with emulators

    Is there a working emulator for Iphone? I'm planning to play Final Fantasy 8 from Playstation 1.
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    Closed Playstation downgrade

    meron ako ps3 4.81 ofw help nman pano magdowngrade...
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    Who wants a free xbox gold or ps plus! comment here!

    Comment po kayo kung gusto nyo magbibigay po ako!!
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    Playstation 1 on android + games + tutorial

    First Dowload best playstation1 emulator -> Second Intall the downloaded apk file, para mag work ang mga games dapat intall tayo nang bios , download dito ang bios -> Third open ang app na epsxe at punta ka sa Preferences click...
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    Closed Minecraft Playstion 3 Edition (PS3)

    hey mga ka master dyan ga gusto magkaroon ng MC (minecraft) sa PS3,eto na yun!. ;) MC PS3 LINK:
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    Closed Race Driver Grid (PSP)

    Hey mga ka master dyan na may PSP eto ang pinaka magandang laro sa psp na racing game! :) RDG LINK:
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    Closed GTA Vice City Stories (PSP)

    mga ka master dyan na may PSP (playstaion portable) eto meron akong Ibibigay na gta vice city stories GTA VCS LINK:
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    PlayStation (upcoming) playstion 4 'ps4'

    Discussion About the upcoming 'PS4' Anyone here waiting for the PS4 to come out? :jimlad: I heard that they're making new controllers with a small LCD touchscreen and also the game 'Watch Dogs' is so cool if you haven't heard of it check it out its one of the most awaited game of the year...