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ROG Phone 6 is a line of Android gaming smartphones made by Asus as the fifth generation of ROG smartphone series following the fourth generation ROG Phone 5. It was launched on July 5, 2022.

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    Why Is Your Phone Storage Always Full? 6 Ways to Make Space

    Why Is Your Phone Storage Always Full? 6 Ways to Make Space
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    I can't copy a large file in my phone storage

    Hi guys bkit po d ko macopy ung large file sa phone storage kahit 8gb pa to ..nkalagay sa storage nya is 2.4 gb used in 8gb
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    Closed Patulong po- phone storage is not present

    Hello po mga Ka PHC. Sana po matulungan nyo ako. Before po mag kaganyan yung phone ko, na virus-an po yung phone ko. Pinaayos ko pa nga to sa Classmate ko para matanggal yung Virus. Then , parang walang po nangyari , bumabalik po yung virus. days passed unti unting nawala po yung virus...
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    FRee up Some Space on Phone Storage By Eliminating .thumbnails file

    Free up some space by eliminating .thumbnails permanently. What is .thumbnails? It is cached data that is used by the gallery and camera app. It usually eats phone storage up to 2gb!!!. (varies on device) .It can be located at DCIM folder . You can delete it but it will go back again and again...