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Philippines–Switzerland relations refers to foreign relations between the Philippines and Switzerland. The Philippines has an embassy in Bern and Switzerland has an embassy in Manila.

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    Closed First Burial Place of Jose Rizal, was Paco Cemetery

    Did you know First Burial Place of Jose Rizal, was Paco Cemetery, On December 30, 1896, Rizal himself was buried at Paco Park following his execution at Luneta for allegedly masterminding the Philippine Revolution, which broke out earlier that year. He was buried in an unmarked grave to prevent...
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    Closed Cebu Taoist Temple

    Cebu Taoist Temple Built in 1972, the Cebu Taoist Temple is located in Beverly Hills Subdivision in Cebu City, Philippines. The temple was built by Cebu's substantial Chinese community. With an elevation of 300 metres (980 ft) above sea level, the temple is a towering, multi-tiered, multi-hued...
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    Closed Never been this proud of being a Filipino!

    Never been this proud of being a Filipino! After Obama's praise to a Filipina Nurse, this is what Arabs think about FILIPINOS. IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT FILIPINOS by Abdullah Al-Maghlooth|AL-WATAN Muhammad Al-Maghrabi became handicapped and shut down his flower and gifts shop business in Jeddah...
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    Closed Makati Central Business District 1900's.

    Makati Central Business District 1900's. In 1851, Don José Bonifacio Roxas (an ancestor of the Zobel de Ayala family) purchased the Jesuit estate of "Hacienda San Pedro de Macati" for 52,800 pesos.Since then, the development of Makati has remained linked with the Zóbel de Ayala family and their...
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    Closed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant First in Southeast Asia

    Bataan Nuclear Power Plant First in Southeast Asia Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant, completed but never fueled, on Bataan Peninsula, 100 kilometres west of Manila in the Philippines. It is located on a 3.57 square kilometre government reservation at Napot Point in Morong...
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    THE HISTORICAL RAPE OF THE LAKAMBINI OF KATIPUNAN Rare Photo of Gregoria de Jesús This habitual "raping" of the heroic calendar coincides with the memory of an unproved rape in the tragic life of the founder of the Katipunan and father of the Philippine Revolution. When Bonifacio was arrested...
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    Closed President of the Philippine Republic

    On February 6, 1964, General Emilio Aguinaldo, first President of the Philippine Republic, died at 3:05 in the morning at the Veterans Memorial Hospital where he had been confined for over a year, at the age of 95. Senate President Ferdinand Marcos and President Diosdado Macapagal on burial...
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    Closed Philippine made Rockets. First in southeast Asia

    Philippine made Rockets. First in southeast Asia Top-secret project of then President Ferdinand Marcos to develop a rocket or missile endogenously. The name of the rocket is Bongbong 1. On 1972 a series of 37 dynamic tests were conducted on the 180-mm rocket. All tests were performed at...
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    Closed Lee Kuan Yew said about the Philippines

    Lee Kuan Yew said about the Philippines In November 1992, I visited [Fidel Ramos]. In a speech to the 18th Philippine Business Conference, I said, 'I do not believe democracy necessarily leads to development. I believe what a country needs to develop is discipline more than democracy. I felt...
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    Closed Origin Symbols of the Philippines Flag

    Origin Symbols of the Philippines Flag Aside from the Masonic influence on the Katipunan, the design of the Philippine flag has roots in the flag family to which it belongs—that of the last group of colonies that sought independence from the Spanish Empire at the close of the 19th century, a...
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    IN THE PHILIPPINES, THERE ARE 15 OIL/GAS AREAS THAT CAN GENERATE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WHICH CAN END POVERTY AND CAN MAKE IT A FIRST WORLD NATION Currently, oil exploration in the Philippines is a discreet operation by the few greedy individuals. This is one of the main reason why Cybercrime Law...
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    ENRIQUE: A FILIPINO AND THE FIRST MAN TO TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD? Who was the first person to travel all the way around the world? Most people would probably answer, “Ferdinand Magellan” – and they would be partly correct. However, ask almost any Filipinos about Magellan and they could tell you...
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    Closed Rizal and Antonio Luna

    Rizal and Antonio Luna almost killed each other in a duel due to disparaging remarks made by Luna against Rizal´s sweetheart haft Filipina Nellie Boustead. Fast fact! Antonio Luna skilled sharpshooter and a master fencer. also as commander of the Philippine Revolutionary Army, he organized...
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    Closed The most common methods of execution in the Philippines

    The most common methods of execution in the Philippines were death by firing squad and Electric chair (especially for treason) Rape, Drug lord,drug trafficking Murders. state ordered that the executions be broadcast on national television. notable cases includes Marciál "Baby" Ama, electrocuted...
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    Closed Free massage treatment

    Free massage treatment! Visitors to Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines can get a free massage treatment from four giant Burmese pythons, which weigh a combined 550 lbs and can be over 16 feet long. Each python is fed ten or more chickens prior to each massage to curb their appetite. The snakes...
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    Closed Born of MILF and MNLF

    The Jabidah massacre Born of MILF and MNLF In 1963, the resource-rich territory of Sabah, which had been under British control since the late nineteenth-century, formally became part of the Federation of Malaysia. The Philippines, however, protested this, claiming that the eastern part of Sabah...
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    Closed Rare Photo! Teodora Alonzo

    Rare Photo! Teodora Alonzo holding the skull of her son, Jose Rizal Moments before his execution on December 30, 1896, by a squad of Filipino soldiers of the Spanish Army, a backup force of regular Spanish Army troops stood ready to shoot the executioners should they fail to obey orders. The...
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    Closed One of Best Senator in the Philippines

    You never thought she’d wear a swimsuit, right? Did you know that she was a high school swimming champion of her entire province! also She never used makeup because she had “flawless skin.”
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    Closed Philippines shocking history(May 5, 1978 premiere episode of Voltes 5 on GMA -7)

    taran tan tanan tan tan... May 5, 1978 premiere episode of Voltes 5 on GMA -7. photo credit Pinoy Retro (Everything Classic)
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    Closed Philippines shocking history (President Ferdinand Marcos declares Martial Law)

    "President Ferdinand Marcos declares Martial Law. First Lady Imelda Marcos stand behind him." Did You know That Martial Law Made all of This. -Manila International Airport NAIA -LRT-1 -Heart Center of the Philippines -Kidney Center -Nayong Filipino -Bataan Nuclear Power Plant -Coconut Palace...
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    Closed Philippines shocking history (Tito Vic and Joey ******* of "Eat Bulaga")

    Tito Vic and Joey ******* of "Eat Bulaga" Pepsi Paloma Rape Case Pepsi Paloma, Delia Smith in real life, was a Filipino-American actress who became one of the "soft drink" beauties. She became popular during the era of Bomba, frequently acting in bomba films. Pepsi Paloma Rape Case In 1982...
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    Closed Philippines shocking history

    The Bagobo were the first ethnic group in Mindanao encountered by the Spaniards at the end of the nineteenth century. Its name was derived from the words "bago" meaning "new' and "obo/obbo/uvu" meaning "growth",or "grow" which refer to a recent formation of people along the Davao Gulf coast...
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    Closed Philippines shocking history (Jose Rizal in 1879)

    Jose Rizal in 1879 as a student at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. MYTHS ABOUT RIZAL AND UST 1. Rizal was discriminated by his professors and the friars? -He was given the highly unusual privilege of being allowed to take up his pre-Med with Med proper--a feat allowable only with the...
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    Closed Philippines shocking history (Bolo)

    Captain Nieves Fernandez shows to an American soldier how she used her long knife to silently kill Japanese soldiers during occupation, 1944. Captain Nieves Fernandez, the only known Filipino female guerilla leader and formerly a school teacher, shows US Army Pvt. Andrew Lupiba how she used her...
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    Closed Philippines shocking history

    Ferdinand Marcos and Muhammad Ali dinner at malacanang 1975