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    1:59 AM 8/13/2013 OPERAMINI 6.5 HANDLER TRICK Setting: Config Name: Custom1 to 5 FrontQuery: MiddleQuery: BackQuery: Filter: *(socket:\http: Add Port to non-Port URL: Remove Port: mark Proxy Type: choose HTTP Proxy...
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    Closed UC Browser Unlimited Free Browse

    hi guys this is simple trick procedures: for smart: 1. load 10 pesos 2. send FB10 to 211 3. unlimited browser ka na sa UC Browser 4. kahit expire ka na nakaka browse ka parin 5. 'note' don't exit UC Browser for globe: 1. load 10 pesos 2. send SUPERFB10 to 8888 3. unlimited browser ka na...
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    Globe TM Opera Mini hui5.1 trick [new]

    Ito ang gamit ko ngayun mabilis naman sya and stable lang. try now! ! ! thanks sa nakaimbento nito :) DL na lang yung naka attach DONE! ! !
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    Hello! i'm Back ! ! !

    Hello! PHCorner back to leecher :( THANKS A LOT PO SA INYONG LAHAT! ! ! !