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ph corner chess club

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    Chess Good News!!!

    Meron na tayo 200 members and still counting. Maraming salamat sa mga sumali sa group na ito. Marami din pala dito sa PHC ang nagmamahal sa sport na chess. Maraming salamat sa inyo talaga.
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    Chess World chess championship: magnus carlsen retains title

    CREDITS TO: BBC NEWS World number one Norwegian Magnus Carlsen has retained his World Chess Championship title, beating US opponent Fabiano Caruana in a tie-breaker event. He beat Caruana in three time-limited games, ending the American's hopes of becoming the first US champion since Bobby...
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    Chess 7 things about chess most players just don’t get

    Credits to: Yury Markushin Chess is a complex game, and even though the rules are pretty straightforward there are also some un-written rules that should be followed (or not followed). Oftentimes, chess players get confused about those things, by blindly following the rules. Surprisingly, it...
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    Chess Fabiano caruana -- the american helping make chess cool

    Fabiano Caruana -- the American helping make chess cool By Aimee Lewis, CNN Caruana (right) plays world champion Carlsen over 12 matches in London this month. (CNN) — Chess is brutal. Chess is now cool. Sitting barely a meter away from each other in a London amphitheater under the intense...
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    Chess Opening vs endgame

    Ano mas pinag-aaralan nyo?.
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    Chess Ph men's team falters, settles for 37th in chess olympiad

    TEAM WHIZ. Grandmaster Julio Catalino Sadorra carried the Philippine squad all tournament. Photo from Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018 MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine chess teams lost their last-round games as they failed to improve on their placings Friday night, Ocotber 5, at the 43rd...
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    Chess Ph chessers score rare double

    The Philippine scored a rare double late Wednesday when the men’s team turned back Zambia, 2.5-1.5, while the women’s squad routed South Korea, 3-1, in the 43rd World Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia Wednesday night. International Master Jan Emmanuel Garcia provided the lone victory—a 60-move...
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    Chess Avatar and banner making contest

    Sino mga magaling gumawa ng Avatar at Banner dyan na ipapalit natin sa old Avatar and Banner sa group natin. Mag-post lang kayo dito pipili tayo ng maganda. Your group banner should be 250px X 100px, or scalable to 250px X 100px. Your group avatar should be square, preferably 80px X 80px, or...
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    Chess 24 essential chess tips that will make you understand the game better

    Here are some essential chess tips that will help you understand the game of chess better: By: Yuri Markushin In the opening look for a pawn move first, then for a knight move, then for a bishop move, then for a rook move (or castle), and finally for a queen move. Do not move same piece move...
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    Chess Wesley so has vital role in world chess championship qualifier

    Wesley So faces new co-leader Sergey Karjakin in the penultimate round Round 12 results: Karjakin 1-0 Caruana, Mamedyarov 0-1 Ding Liren, Grischuk 0.5-0.5 Aronian, Kramnik 0.5-0.5 Wesley So. Standings after Round 12: Karjakin and Caruana lead with 7/12. Mamedyarov, Ding Liren, Grischuk 6.5...
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    Chess Getting better in chess: the critical mistake to avoid

    By: WGM Natalia Pogonina Every day I get a lot of fan mail (thanks, guys!), and many of the messages are dedicated to the evergreen subject “how do I get better in chess?” I am trying to do my best to offer individual advice to everyone. However, there is a very widespread case which can be...
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    Chess Playing styles deconstructed

    A major breakthrough that has allowed me to make progress lately is leaving behind the idea of playing according to a particular chess "style" - that is, the idea that a chessplayer can (and should) be classified a certain way according to their personal abilities and preferences. I have come...
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    Chess 1st ph corner chess club open chess tournament

    PH CORNER CHESS CLUB CHESS TOURNAMENT OPEN FEB. 25, 2018 Organizer: PH CORNER CHESS CLUB 5 rounds(swiss) Time Control: 20 mins + 5 sec increment Pairing Program: Swiss Chess Tournament App Paano makasali? 1. Mag-download kayo ng app ng chess.com 2. Gawa kayong account. 3. Search at...
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    Chess Happy new year!!! ph corner chess club!!!

    Happy New Year!!! nga pala sa inyong lahat. Ingat sa paggamit ng paputok ah... baka wala na tayong panghawak ng chess piece next year ah. hehehehe:) Salamat talaga sa mga sumali dito sa PH Corner Chess Club at nakalaro ko at naging kaibigan ko rin.:) Happy New Year!!!:) _GRANDMASTER_
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    Chess Chess puzzle of the day(12-27-2017)

    Tactic exercise of the day 2017.12.27: Black to move and win.
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    Chess 5 most typical types of chess players (and how to beat them)

    BY: Yury Markushin There are hundreds of millions of chess players in the world, rated from 100 – 2900 ELO. Independent on their chess strength, all players can be subdivided into 5 distinct categories.Knowing what category your opponent belongs to, may significantly help you to decide what...
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    Chess 10 most common problems advanced players face

    by: NM Viktor Neustroev Many coaches suggest that to spot all the problems you might want to look in the mirror. It is especially true for chess, and “looking in the mirror” simply means looking over your games. The thing is… the problems are usually hidden deep inside the game and cannot be...
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    Chess 4 important elements of an effective chess calculation technique

    As a chess player I’m sure you’ve experienced the excitement when you see a move that can finish off your opponent right away. But then doubt sets in. And you wonder… …did I miss something? A well-developed calculation skill will help you avoid mistakes, but more importantly – it will also...
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    Chess Chess news: google's 'superhuman' deepmind ai claims chess crown

    Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES Image captionAlpha Go Zero was more successful at playing with white pieces than black Google says its AlphaGo Zero artificial intelligence program has triumphed at chess against world-leading specialist software within hours of teaching itself the game from scratch...
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    Chess 7 tips to cure chess blunders

    You’d be surprised to know that the majority of amateur games end the way they do because of a blunder from one or another side. If your rating is below 2200, the chances are you are in the same boat. By simply reducing the number of blunders you can grow significantly as a chess player. In...
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    Chess Chess news: antonio shares italy lead; torre rises

    Filipino Grandmaster Rogelio “Joey” Antonio drew with top seed Peruvian GM Julio Granda Zuñiga in the sixth round as they shared the lead with four others in the 2017 World Senior Chess Championship 50 and over division in Acqui Terme, Italy, on Sunday. Seeded sixth with his Elo rating of 2431...
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    Chess All time top 100 chess players

    All time Top 100 Ranklist by Highest ELO Rating (Updated realtime once the official monthly FIDE ratings are published) 1. Magnus Carlsen Norway 2882 on May 2014 2. Garry Kasparov Russia 2851 on July 1999 3. Fabiano Caruana USA 2844 on October 2014 4. Levon Aronian Armenia 2830 on March 2014...
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    Chess Chess trivia: elo rating system

    The Elo system was invented by Arpad Elo and is the most common rating system. It is used by FIDE and other organizations. Elo once stated that the process of rating players was in any case rather approximate; he compared it to "the measurement of the position of a cork bobbing up and down on...
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    Chess Knight or bishop?

    Kung Endgame na ano pipiliin mo Pawn+Knight+King o Pawn+Bishop+King?
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    Chess How to play against a chess master – a practical advice

    If you are an active player you have probably already been paired against a much stronger opponent at least once in the tournaments you’ve played. It is clear that this will never be an easy encounter, but it is important that you know how to approach the game and how to set your mind for it...
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    Chess Itutuloy ba natin?

    1st PH Corner Chess Club Chess Tournament(Open) I need your questions and suggestions.
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    Chess Chess trivia: scientists find oldest chess piece

    By AMANDA ONION In an elaborate palace, more than 1,300 years ago, members of an elite Roman family may have played some of the earliest chess games in Europe. While excavating the bottom floor of an A.D. 465-era palace in Butrint, Albania, archaeologists unearthed what they believe is the...
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    Chess Natgeo "my brilliant brain" featuring susan polgar

    By: National Geographic Channel
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    Torre completes asian srs sweep

    Grandmaster Eugene Torre completed a sweep of the 8th Asian Seniors Chess Championship with a victory over local bet Grant Kerr Sunday in Auckland, New Zealand. Living up to his top billing, the 65-year-old Torre posted a perfect 9.0 points, 2.5 ahead of Kiwi Fide Master Ewen Green and fellow...
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    Chess Chess news: torre assured of asian seniors chess crown

    Ranged against players his age, Grandmaster Eugene Torre is without peer. Living up to his top billing, Torre beat local bet Peter Goffin Friday to cruise to his eighth straight win and assure himself of the 8th Asian Seniors Chess Championship crown with one round to go in Auckland, New...
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    Chess Ok na ba ito?

    Example lang ito: PH Corner Chess Club Chess Tournament(Open) Gumamit ako ng Swiss Chess Tournament App. para sa pag shuffle ng mga names.
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    Chess What is your favourite chess quotes?

    Hello mga ka-PHCCC! Ano ang mga favourite chess quotes nyo o kahit chess quotes ng mga Grandmasters? Salamat.
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    Chess Ph corner chess club chess tournament soon!

    Mga Ka-PH! Bakit di kaya tayo mag create ng isang online chess tournament? Kahit mga 20 members lang o mas maganda mas marami pa? Swiss Tournament Meron tayong 7 na rounds Kada round ibat ibang mga members ang makakalaro. Basta each round you need to win. Win: 1 points Loss: 0 Draw:.5 kung...
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    Chess Online chess players

    Announcement po sa PH Corner Chess Club members sa mga naghahanap po ng kalaro sa online chess. Gumawa lang po kayo ng account sa wwwchesscom. meron din ito para sa android at ios. Magdownload lang kayo sa Google Playstore. Kapag nakagawa na kayo ng account at I search mo lang ang username na...
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    Chess 7 bagay na dapat gawin bago ang chess game

    Maraming manlalaro ng chess ang nagtatanong kung ano ang dapat nilang gawin bago ang isang mahalagang laro upang matulungan ang kanilang pagganap. Maraming iba't ibang mga bagay ang dapat isaalang-alang ngunit ako ay tumutuon lamang sa mga pinakamahalagang bagay. Ibinibigay ko sa iyo ang isang...
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    Chess Chess: questions and answers

    Kumusta po kayong lahat mga ka- PH! Maraming Salamat po pala sa mga sumali dito sa PH Corner Chess Club. Sa mga may katananungan po about sa Chess. Susubukan po natin sagutan lahat yan dito.
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    Chess Preparing for a tournament

    Note: This is not my Article. This Article is made by IM Juraldo I frequently get asked – How do I prepare for a tournament? There are tons of books, articles, videos, bases etc. With such abundance of information it is understandable that an inexperienced player does not find his way around...
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    Chess Chess tips for beginners

    When learning the rules of chess we discovered that the primary goal is to checkmate the opposing King. That means we must conduct our 16-man army as a unified "command", working together to deliver checkmate. Right off it is good to know what each chess piece is worth, what its value might be...
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    Chess Chess opening strategy - top ten principles

    #1 - Develop piecestowards the centre, to safe and useful squares. #2 - Control the centreby occupying it with pawns and attacking it with pieces. #3 - Protect the king by castling early, usually on the kingside. #4 - Develop pieces with a threat, or in defense of a threat. #5 - Make as few...