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    Closed Introduction

    Hi there! Im jade, nice to here and join the group.... Like you, I'm also a tech who wants to explore and learned more, with the help of others. Have a great day and God Bless us all!
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    Closed 09 sever fast config life time

    GLOBE/TM ONLY NO LOAD NEEDED ******** FAST CONFIG LIFE TIME Pero walang forever hehe.. Pili kayo sa 09 server dyan kong anong malakas sa area ninyo Goodluck mga bro/sis.. DOWNLOAD LINK- *****No hit & run!*****
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    Codename peejay

    Hi guys, I'm new to phcorner and like most of you here I'm also a techie guy. I am currently studying as an ICT student in one of the famous university here in Cebu, the University of San Carlos. I hope I can contribute something here and vice versa. Tulungan lang po tayo at sana welcome ako...