Panzerabwehrkanone, usually referred to with the acronym Pak, is the German language term for anti-tank gun. Before and during World War II, the German Army produced a series of 13 anti-tank guns which they designated Panzerabwehrkanone, i.e. Pak. In addition they produced one weapon they designated an anti-tank *****, which is generally considered to actually be an anti-tank gun; and one gun they designated Panzerabwehrwerfer, PAW, the anti-tank launcher.

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  1. S

    Eh Lumayo, Pak!
  2. E

    Weyk da pak ap

    My first and last meal of the day. Meron ako ritong sinigang na land shrimp. Guys yung nutrisyon ay totoong napaka-simple. Wag niyong hayaang bentahan nila kayo ng mga sugary shit, nagsisinungaling sila sainyo. Kumain lamang ng mga simpleng pagkain. Hmm. Lagyan pa natin ng generous amount na...
  3. C

    Pak sino ka jan ma?

    Momsh Reen-Oath Sis Professora Akira papatalo ba tayo dito
  4. S

    Pak ganern

  5. A

    Wut da pak america

    Wat da pak america 🤣
  6. L

    Oh Pak!

    Alam na ang magiging future🤣
  7. S

    Wat da

    What the h
  8. J

    Closed Facts for you

    kindly read this :)
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    Closed Help

    ano pong sulit sa 70 pesos kase po lagi ko ni reregister gotscombodd70 yung pang ml lang po sakit sa bulsa haha
  10. B

    Closed Fresh ehi for sun nanginginig pa use wap

    Kakagwa lng eto na mga ka sun ehi para sa inyo. 4 na payload nkasalpak dyan at dikopa nakita sa mga nag popost ng ps yang gamit kong apat na yan isinalpak ko na dyan. Alam nyo na kung san yan. Dahil sinama na sa hukay si minternet, wap na uso ngaun Heret yan...
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    Closed Kulapsremix sun ehi bagong hango

    Try my fresh Kulaps ehi fast connect. SUN only no need load. just sit back and relax import then hit start. Use ping tools pro para laganas. Link: Thankyou lng ok na. Comment pak ganern pag connected ka. Happy lng ������ RESURRECTION REMIX IS REAL
  12. L


    Wala padin p.s tnt?.la na ata pg asa ah..
  13. L


    Wala padin p.s tnt?.la na ata pg asa ah..
  14. L


    Wala padin p.s tnt?.la na ata pg asa ah..
  15. L


    Wala padin p.s tnt?.la na ata pg asa ah..
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    Closed Hayz

    Wala padin p.s tnt?.la na ata pg asa ah..
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    Closed How to play ‘pak! ganern!’ clap game

    The game is a combination of clap and concentration game. There is no designated number of players, the more the merrier. Players will form a circle around the “it” and will commence the clap game. The players will say “Pak! Pak Ganern!...Pak! Pak! Ganern!...Pak! Pak!Ganern! Ganern!...Pak! Pak...
  18. D

    Lakas nyo...

    slamt sa pagtangap nyo....dahil d2 mas mrami p aq matu2nan about computer and mobile......

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