ovpn acct

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    Sun Tell server is down

    for sun only need promo tu20 pataas.. openvpn for pc.. http://swupdate.openvpn.org/privatetunnel/client/privatetunnel-win-2.8.exe openvpn for android.. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.openvpn.privatetunnel server for pc. then sa cp. credit poh pala kay sir GUILTY /...
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    2-3-7days ovpn config files (ios & android)

    Pde rin e2 import sa mga modded ovpn. Dinamihan ko na pra d keo siksikan sa mga servers. Pag wla pa keong OVPN apps. Download nlng keo sa playstore. Download the link, open ur OVPN apps. Import and add the files... Enjoy! Sreenshot nlng po f working! Tia SINGAPORE Good for 2 days April 23-25...
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    TNT Http-proxy / remote

    Mga ka ts pahinging site na pwedeng makakuha ng lowping sa remote at http-proxy salamat mga ka ts. :) saka additional po ano ba pinagkaiba ng dalawa? ang http-proxy ba pwede gamitin sa remote? Salamat hehe dyan kasi ako nalilito although nakagawa na ko pero di gaano kabilis. hehe salamat po sa...
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    Kagwang ovpn

    hit thumbs up! :) - sg server - 15 days
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    VPN Phcorner official openvpn account request thread

    due to account conflicts.. ill open this thread. if you need personal acct for our openvpn server.. just reply here and ill give you a personalize config.. sariling login credential. *note lang .. di agad agad ha.. just wait till i send you.. just comment lang.. i can accomodate 50-100 accts...