opera 15

The history of the Opera web browser began in 1994 when it was started as a research project at Telenor, the largest Norwegian telecommunications company. In 1995, the project branched out into a separate company named Opera Software ASA, with the first publicly available version released in 1996. Opera has undergone extensive changes and improvements, and introduced notable features such as Speed Dial.
Until version 2.0, the Opera browser was called MultiTorg Opera (version 1.0) and had only a limited internal release—although it was demonstrated publicly at the Third International WWW Conference in April 1995. It was known for its multiple document interface (MDI) and 'hotlist' (sidebar), which made browsing several pages at once much easier, as well as being the first browser to completely focus on adhering to the W3C standards.In February 2013, Opera Software announced that their in-house rendering engine, Presto, would be phased out in favour of WebKit. Opera 15 saw the browser being fully rewritten, with this and subsequent releases being based on Blink and Chromium.

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    Closed Opera 15

    mga paps baka magawan nyo po ng magic ung promo na opera 15 ng smart .. unli browse daw po yan ehh.. valid for 1 day .. suggest lng mga idol.. :):)
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    Closed Which app do you prefer for net?

  3. J

    Closed 51arepo working pa

    working pa po si arepo... nung una hnd ko sya napagana... taz nag install ako nung mini browser taz nag try, pumasok sya, then sinubukan ko na sa ibang browser kung ok na... at kumagat nmn sya...
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    Closed Opera working pa?

    Sa mga naka opera bug. Nag pa reg ako ngaun d na ata working. Kamusta sa inyo? Pa feedback p. Bala kasi may mga bagong twist para mag work uli. Salamat
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    Closed Malaking tanong!

    Kapag po ba nagregister ako ng OPERA15 sa Smart tapos gamit ng VPN, gagana ba all sites? Pakisagot po. Salamat.
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    Help opera on smart bro

    want to know if i could load opera 15 promo in smart bro sim inserted in broad band stick

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