In computer technology and telecommunications, online indicates a state of connectivity and offline indicates a disconnected state. In modern terminology, this usually refers to an Internet connection, but (especially when expressed "on line" or "on the line") could refer to any piece of equipment or functional unit that is connected to a larger system. Being online means that the equipment or subsystem is connected, or that it is ready for use."Online" has come to describe activities performed on and data available on the Internet, for example: "online identity", "online predator", "online ********", "online game", "online shopping", "online banking", and "online learning". Similar meaning is also given by the prefixes "cyber" and "e", as in the words "cyberspace", "cybercrime", "email", and "ecommerce". In contrast, "offline" can refer to either computing activities performed while disconnected from the Internet, or alternatives to Internet activities (such as shopping in brick-and-mortar stores). The term "offline" is sometimes used interchangeably with the acronym "IRL", meaning "in real life".

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    Sniper 3D: Fun Free Online FPS v4.31.0 (MOD)

    🔥Sniper 3D: Fun Free Online FPS v4.31.0 (MOD) 📱 Requirements: Android 6.0 + 🅿️ Play Store: com.fungames.sniper3d 📝 Mod Info: ✪ Unlimited Coins 🔖 Mod Note: ✪ Coins increase when spent! 📎│ Direct Download Link 👇⬇️☺️ Hidden contentHidden content
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    Online seller

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    Cheat Ran online free Application

    Sa mga newbie at curious sa pag chcheat gaya ko PM niyo ko tulongan kita . Or drop mo email mo. May nascore ako galing sa tropa rin natin .
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    Help UDEMY online course

    Need lang po maaccess yung mga lesson pucha kasi ng prof ng kapatid ko napakadamot ayaw mamigay ng video nito. Sana po may tumulong. Salamat po.
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    Help Pa suggest naman po kung saan magandang bumili ng power bank through online

    Magandang araw po sa inyo mga ka ph corner. Hihingi po sana ako ng suggestion kung saan po pwede maka bili ng legit power bank through online (Lazada or Shoopee) Sana matulungan niyo po ako balak ko po kasi bumili ng power bank po at ano po kayang magandang brand po. Yung saktuhan lang po sa...
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    CourseHero CourseHero - Online identity [help unlock]

    Pa unlock mga master IDENTITY-THEFT.docx - IDENTITY THEFT A Research paper Presented to The class of Ms. Rachelle Lynne A. Rosales Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo High | Course Hero
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    Best Image Editor Online

    Natalo nya si photopea. Idk why? Pero ito yung pinaka magandang gamitin ngayon na image editor online Hidden content
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    Help Ran Online Private Server

    Baka may interested dito gumawa ng sariling private server may mga files na naka ready staffs at hosting nalang kulang tsaka mga mag aadvertise dm me pag interested kayo.
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    Online Shopping

    Shopee and Lazada free shipping experience be like😹 Hidden content
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    Cheat Ran online LR AOE HPF

    lr aoe hpf willing to give pabuya pabili tut
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    Consumer complaint againys bank or any online banks or e-wallet.

    Do you have any complaints againts your bank? Or any E-wallet plarforms? But your being ignored? Try sending message to the facebook page account of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. https://www.facebook@com/BangkoSentralngPilipinas?mibextid=ZbWKwL My experience, I have been trying to contact my bank...
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    Canaan Online

    Sa mga nakapaglaro ng Pet Forest dati, may update pa ba sa canaan online?
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    Help Cellphone Parts Online

    Good Morning Po Mga ka ph, Saan Po Maganda Bumili ng mga Cellphone Parts? Or may mga alam kayo na online sites na puro cellphone parts lang ang binebenta. Pashare naman po kung alam nyo. Salamat Po
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    React lang kayo if gusto niyo? Naka websocket kaso ang problem lang is di makahanap public game. Pasilip ko maya maya Hidden content
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    Mas lower ping ba pag globe at home gamit mo for online games? league of legends po lalaroin ko pero data tethering lang ginagamit ko for pc wala kasi budget mag pa kabit internet may time na 999 yong ping pero stable 57 naman sya i wonder kong much better ba gamitin yong globe at home
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    Help Example of Darkweb links that is online (PHC Bot)

    Research Purposes Only: Show some Online Darkweb Market links.
  17. H


    Hi guys, balak ko kasi bumili ng pc set may maisusuggest ba kayo online sa lazada o kaya shopee 15k-20k budget? Thankss. Links would be helpful..
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    Help The relationship between online Mobile Games and academic Performance

  19. F

    Help Best online bank debit card?

    Pahelp mga boss ano ginagamit niyong payment method para makabili ng digitalocean vps ayaw kasi tanggapin yung virtual card ni maya at gcash.
  20. C


    Pahelp po. U can message me on my TELEGRAM ACC.
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    Tutorial Ran online cheats

    Ka phc baka may gustong mag turo ng cheat jan sa Long range , Hp freeze ,aoe jan . At yung hindi nag cloclose yung ran pag inopen ang c.e.
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    Referral 10,500 online business

    Empowered Consumerism Business capital PHP10,500 Only 1. Products worth 15,000pesos 2. Scholarship Certificate (over 1000 Schools Nationwide) *transferable *no expiration *no quota *no maitaining of grade 75%/Passing grade 3. 25%-50% Product Discount on your next purchase *one time purchase=...
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    Free and online ρáíd courses free and ρáíd courses hopefully makatulong sainyo :) paki tanggal nalang po yung "@"
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    Tutorial Mega List Of Al Code Tools Online For Everyone

    Hidden content
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    Cheat Pm lang boss sa merong cheat AS LANG need ko sa ran online ep7

    pm lang boss sa merong cheat AS LANG need ko sa ran online ep7
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    Referral Online Jobs - Earning Site

    LEGIT WALANG ILALABAS NA PUHUNAN GAGAWA LANG NG TASK ✅ Sign up here: 👇👇 Online Jobs ✅Verify your account check your Gmail & copy verification code ✅Fill in your demographics or profile para makakuha ka 5 credits or 20 pesos Ways of earnings: ✅ Complete task ✅Offers, Games, Apps ✅Survey's ✅...
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    Help Paano kumita online?

    Good day mga ka PHC... Any suggestion po pano kumita sa online? kelangan ko lang pandagdag sa family needs. Maraming salamat in advance...🙏☝️
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    Online Registration and Update System (ORUS) is a web-based system that provides an end-to-end process for registration of taxpayers and updating of their registration information. Visit BIR TIN Verification Link: ORUS RECORD FOUND SAMPLE
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    Tutorial Online A.I tools for coding

    ZZZ Code AI is breaking new ground in the world of coding, particularly in artificial intelligence. Far from being just a tool, it serves as a reliable partner for programmers, aiding in the creation and understanding of complex codes. The unique aspect of this system is its great debugging...
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    Referral 12 Ways to make money online.

    Share ko lang sana magka idea kayo. <3 Hidden content
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    LF Work Part time Online Jobs

    Good PH po PHC ! ngayon ko lng nalaman na may ganito plang lounge dto sa PHC pa help nmn po ako side hustle po . "no background in online jobs pure first time po". salamat sa tutulong po . God Bless sainyo po !!!
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    Gunbound Online (Browser Game)

    Laro na
  33. N

    Albion Online

    ok ba etong laro na to? since dati akong runescape 3 at OSRS player gusto ko sanang subukan eto kung f2p friendly ba? o madami kang hindi ma aaccess kung hindi ka gagastos?
  34. K


    Sino po may php code ng topic.
  35. O

    Help Selling items online (in Games like Dota2, CSGO etc.)

    Hi guys anong game kaya sa ngayon ang patok na patok ang pagbebenta ng item? Trade/Buy/Sell gaya nalang ng dota2 way back 2015-2018 pero ngayon sobrang tumal na.. mahirap na makabenta ng mga set/arcanas/etc. Any reco/suggestion mga kanegosyo?
  36. H

    Cheat Ran Online Public häçk 11-02-2023

    CHEAT_DOWNLOAD LINK: INJECTOR: Download Note: This cheat will only work in Ran Online Private Server. -Special thanks to Min Communications, Inc., Microsoft Corporation and the retired administrators, staff admins, contributors, and members of the Game häçking...
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    Help CourseHero - Online Library System

    Paunlock puuu UwU. Thanks po in Advance!!! <3 Online Library System with SMS Notificat.docx - Online Library System with SMS Notification for FFHNAS A Capstone Presented to the Faculty of the | Course Hero
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    Help Pldt online entertainment card

    Natawagan ako ng pldt na natanggap sa freebies. Worth it ba yung Pldt online entertainment card for 2 years?
  39. G

    Trivia Hindi mo alam precinct no. mo? eto check mo online para ready kana sa lunes

    Hidden content
  40. D

    Rpg Suggestions

    Suggest naman po kayo ng magandang online role playing games.
  41. J

    Tutorial Ran online Tut

    may marunong ba dito
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    Course Udemy Course | Web Development Masterclass - Online Certification Course

    Udemy Course 📌 Web Development Masterclass - Online Certification Course What you'll learn Understand the essentials of Local and Wide Area Networks Setup a basic network. Register a domain name with Domain Privacy Forward a domain, renew and administer a domain Configure Nameservers and DNS...
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    Cheat Ran online chea

    Paano po gumawa ng cheat . Zero knowledge po may nag tuturo ba dito ?
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    Referral Free earnings habang online sila para sa free 100$ vesting.

    Hidden content yan po link sa taas naka hide react lang po.. habol na sayang din totoong pera makukuha mo dito,,sabay sabay na tayo kumita ng libre po. Big Credits sa unang nagpost.💪💪💪😍😍😍 see screen shot below gayahin nyo chat ko sa tg nila.. search nyo sa tg @KST005520
  45. U


    pasabit saka magkano po. salamat
  46. C

    Help Uso paba online privacy

    Wala na finish na, na save Kona lahat pic ko sa google and facebook at alam na din nila loc ko at name haha
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    Course FREEMIUM UDEMY COURSE | Cryptocurrency Course: Learn to Make Money Online WORLDWIDE!

    Enroll Here Now: Hidden content ~RomRom~
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    Help About sa Comelec precinct finder help wala ksi ako voter's I.D na card

    na checheck kolang sya nun last yr sa online government website e ngayon ksi di na oopen website nila. Diko maalala precinct ko potek kaya sisilipin ko sana ngayon kaso waley
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    Course 100% OFF FREE áíd UDEMY COURSE | How to Make Money Online for Beginners: Follow PROVEN STEPS!

    ENROLL HERE NOW: Hidden content
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    Help BDO Credit card pwede ba ipamabayad sa Merlaco bill online?

    Kase sa auto charge lumalabas yun Meralco sa pamimilian,pagsa Charge On Demand wala sa pamimilian yun Meralco.Tsaka pag sa Auto Charge yun Debit card lang pwede ipamayad wala yun Credit card,Pag sa Charge On Demand pwede meron Credit Card sa pweseng option ipambayad.Paabo po kaya ito?