Newbie, newb, noob, noobie, n00b or nub is a slang term for a novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in a profession or activity. Contemporary use can particularly refer to a beginner or new user of computers, often concerning Internet activity, such as online gaming or Linux use.The origin of this term is uncertain. Earliest uses probably date to late twentieth century United States Armed Forces jargon, though possible precursor terms are much earlier. Variant forms of the noun include newby and newbie, while the related term noob (often stylized as "n00b") is often used in online gaming.

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    Help Linux for noobs

    kaka install o ng linux ubuntu mga paps sa luma kong laptop and wala pa masyadong knowledge sa full potential ni linux, hoping na matuto sa mga veterans na sa linux. advance salamat mga paps
  2. J

    Closed How to be a good programmer

    How to be a good programmer... Im a college student. I took IT as my course... Pero i dont know how to be like others .. Na ang gagaling mag program.. Somebody help...
  3. K

    Closed Noobs sa unlinet

    Hi, sumali ako dito para magpatulong magka-unli net sa cp. ios po gamit ko, sana may tumulong sa akin dito. Ginagamit ko madalas ang internet para sa school projects ng mga anak ko at fb lang para sa akin. God bless sa ating lahat
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    Closed Never geeky

    Hola! sa lahat. I'm already in my 40's so expectedly hindi ako knowledgable, I just want free internet dahil ayaw magprovide ng cheap internet ang mga networks. So hindi ko sure kung may maise-share ako dito sa page. So pasensya na sa lahat. Thanks.
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    Closed kwangsoo

    hi guys im gdColdheart.
  6. V

    Newbie here.......

    Just want to know some applications that häçks the systems of any internet prepaid will be my pleasure to meet you guys