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  1. B

    Closed New member!

    Hi Guys, Im Carlo from Laguna. Hope to be able to contribute to PhCorner community. Enjoy your day mga paps!
  2. S

    Closed Ipsharkk vpn

    May naka pag try na po ba ng vpn na yan ? For pc users po.
  3. W

    Closed Piano po making established member

    Help. Ano po ang gagawin? Try in advance. Newbie
  4. A

    Closed Ios user

    Hello po. First post ko po ito d ko pa alam ano gagawin ko hehe pero ngpapasalamat ako nakajoin ako dito
  5. N

    Closed Paano maging established member?

    Anong ibig sabihin ng post? Create thread or comment on post? Please help.
  6. S

    Closed New member here.

    Yes hello, I am new here. I want to enjoy being here because I want to know more about internet tricks,mobile apps and current social issues. Thanks!
  7. A

    Closed Hi... i'm a new member i'm advocate nelg

    hi I'm a new member hoping to help me how to get free net thank you.
  8. M

    Closed Asking

    anu mas maganda gamitin? globe o smart na Sim?
  9. D

    Closed New member

    Hello po. New member here.
  10. A

    Closed Acer phone permanent sim1locked help to unlock pls.

    Hello I'm Sonia from cav
  11. X

    Closed Newbie

    magandang gabi po sa lahat. bago lang po ako dito. salamat... technician po ako ng pc,cp, laptop at desktop.... salamat po sa lahat. pa welcome naman po ako. salamat
  12. E

    Closed newbie

    hi sainyo i'm from Taguig sana welcome ako dito :)
  13. M

    Closed new member

    nice :) hi?

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