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"Here to Stay" is a song by New Order and produced by The Chemical Brothers. It was released as a single in 2002, and reached number 15 in the UK Singles Chart.

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  1. C

    Hello po iam new here

    Thank you po sa pag accept sakin dito guys
  2. B

    Fantasy Need anime to read, new here comment pls

    comment po anime na magandang panoorin or read
  3. C

    Im new here

    Hi I'm new here but enish is that okay still for site? Nice to meet you all
  4. I

    Hello I'm new here

    Hello new bie here
  5. M

    Hi, i'm new here, i'm Masa haf japanese and haf pinoy hehe

    Hi, i'm new here, i'm Masa haf japanese and haf pinoy hehe Nice to meet you all
  6. K

    Hi po! I'm new here, kevin nga po pala

    Hi po! I'm new here, kevin nga po pala< nice to meet you all 🖤
  7. F

    Hi guys! I'm new here; I'm funny hehe

    hi to everyone, I want to join this forum.
  8. D

    Closed Hello guys... i am new here...

    please treat me well ....hehehe
  9. D

    Closed Hello there

    Hello. I am new here so i am hoping a warm welcome. Char. Hahaha btw. I am so glad to be here. That's all. Thank you.
  10. N

    Closed New here

    Gud eve po sa lahat. tanong ko lang po kung saan pwede makakuha ng ph server for ssh? #my1stpost. :)
  11. G

    Closed Newbies

    ^_^ v
  12. A

    Closed Hi :)

    ill support this page.ill support this page.
  13. L

    Closed Hello

  14. H

    Closed Newbie

    Hello phcorner family Thanks for accepting me here.
  15. S

    Closed Question

    Ka-ph, ano bang ibig sabihin ng triple payloader? Sorry. Thank you
  16. B

    Closed Hello phcorner

    Hello po sa lahat ng members dito. normal user po ako na mahilig magresearch and may konting knowledge na rin po ako sa http injector, kpn tunnel and openvpn, e shashare ko na lang po sa susunod ang mga natutunan ko online. merry christmas phcorner. Salamat po
  17. G

    Closed Hello everyone

    I am new here. Looking for answers to some dilemmas. I hope you guys can help me to solve them. Thanks in advance.
  18. M

    Closed New Here

    Hello mga ka phc.Welcome nyo naman ako.
  19. C

    Closed new here :D

    Hi po mga boss! One week na po ako dito at marami rami na rin akong nagamit na internet tricks galing dito! :) sana makabawi din ako sa mga tulong niyo! :)
  20. S

    Closed newbie here

    Hi i am from tarlac. Expecting to learn new tricks here.. Thank you
  21. F

    Closed Gandang araw

    Hi sa lahat po
  22. P

    Closed Hello

    Kamusta po kayo
  23. A

    Closed Newbie

  24. J

    Hi newbie here

    New here... Hope to learn something new here
  25. V

    Help Pahelp po mga boss.,..,

    meron po ako problima sa android ko.,.,.,ang hina po ng performance.,., ng cpu ko, pahelp po kung anu gagawin ko po???
  26. D

    new here

    newbie here pa welcome naman oh
  27. M

    New Here !

    Paano Ba Mga Sir Mag Bura Ng Threads ?
  28. A

    hi every body!

    im new here! i hope you guys can help and share your thoughs and ideas.. thank you all.
  29. A

    New Here

    Hopefully I enjoyed here,to have a free internet.
  30. K

    Hi im new here

    hello to everyone im kenneth and i hope to enjoy staying here more powers 🆕
  31. S

    Im new here

    hello im sohn and im new here

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