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Big Blue Bug Solutions is an extermination business located in Providence, Rhode Island that services southeastern New England. The company is known for its mascot, Nibbles Woodaway (also known as the Big Blue Bug), a giant blue termite that stands atop its office next to I-95 in Providence. The company provides pest control services to both residential and commercial properties, and uses ecologically safe products, and has been recognized for promoting the use of integrated pest management in schools to protect student safety. It is also known for aiding Providence during the city's rat epidemic, and was an early adopter of converting trucks to run on natural gas. Big Blue Bug Solutions has also sponsored Little League baseball teams throughout Rhode Island. Originally named New England Pest Control, the company changed its name to Big Blue Bug Solutions in 2012 because of its mascot.Historically, pest control companies generally advertised that their exterminators would arrive in unmarked vehicles so as to ensure that neighbors would not realize that a residence had a pest problem. Big Blue Bug Solutions was one of the first companies to mark all of its vehicles and attempt to remove the stigma from having a pest problem. Today, nearly all exterminators use marked vehicles.Due to the prominence of the Big Blue Bug and the building's location at a high-traffic portion of the highway (near Thurbers Avenue Curve), many organizations request to have their banners hung in front of the Bug. Big Blue Bug Solutions will let non-profit organizations hang their banners on a first-come, first-served basis, with groups needing to file a request at least two years in advance. Some of the many organizations that have placed banners in front of the Bug include Make-A-Wish Foundation, Special Olympics, American Heart Association, and Girl Scouts of the USA.

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    Rest in peace STS no load, Nagkatayan na HAHAHA
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    Globe New globe/tm bug...bugbugan na!!! pasok...!

    Sorry po sa mga bulag...:) Instruction: Wag ipagkalat :) Baka makatay agad..hehe
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    Closed A fact about globe switch!!!

    alam nyo ba meron tayo makukuha 4gb every month mula kay globe switch via accepting every day kay google play kahit no load basta di pa ubos allocation mo :) by the way this will be working on new sim !!!!!
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    Closed New bug? spoiler muna tau ha. false alarm to, nagkamali ako.

    Update: False alarm. Sorry na, tama na wag na kayo magalit. Waaahaha! G'day! Meron akong sinubukan mga ka phc Paki try nyo nalang po kung working tlga Pls lang wag kau magpasalamat muna, dahil feedback ang kailangan para malaman natin kung working ba talaga. At wag din kayo magalit kung hindi...
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    G·TM New bug!

    Heto na yung bago, gamitin nyo na habang pwede pa! GOCOMBOIKYA35 GOSURF10 GOCOMBOIKYA35 GOSAKTO STATUS 2GB LANG ITO!!
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    3996 : System encountered an error

    KaPHC, Good news, Silent muna sa mga nakaka alam ng procedure nito Bumalik na po ang uli si 3996 : System encountered an error naka 10sim na ako kaninang madaling araw. Wag niyo na po ikalat uli baka makatay. AprilPoolsday
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    Closed new bug

    meron po ba new bug globe??
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    G·TM Version 3 na ang globoom + 1 shot new combinations (04/11/2013 updates)

    WORKING HOT COMBINATION: TESTED AS OF APRIL 11, 2013 ss999+ss200 using globoom 3.. tried & tested ko before posting this.. OTHER WORKING COMBINATION For Globe SUPERFB199 + SUPERFB50 + SUPERFB15 (my most trusted combination) GOUNLI500 + GOUNLI300 + GOUNLI200 For TM ASTIGFB199 + ASTIGFB50 +...
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    G·TM Bug tayo. no dial. no text. no timing.

    Go here --->>> pa hit! :)
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    G·TM Glove-vag version 2.0

    CREDITS TO: DrPglixq ========= BASAHIN NYO 'TONG MABUTI, PLEASE LANG. PARA HINDI NA KAYO MAGTATANONG MAMAYA. NOTE: Base on my experience, you must have 1peso load in your account. Kung wala, mag papasa ka na. alam ko na ang iba sa inyo alam na ito, pero sa mga hindi pa, para sa inyo po ito...