NetLimiter is a client-side traffic shaping, monitoring and firewall (computing) software for the Windows operating system. Unlike most traffic-shaping utilities, which are based on centrally managed hardware, NetLimiter is a software-only solution. This has the advantage of being less expensive to deploy, but can result in being more difficult to manage its use across more than one computer.While it has a significant market among more technically minded computer users, in medium-to-large networks it becomes difficult for administrators to maintain multiple copies of configuration files. It is, however, useful for simulating slow links between departments showing how the applications will work when deployed to slower sites.It is often lumped together with other free or shareware in articles that present the reader with 'essential' applications and poweruser-type utilities.

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    Closed Netlimiter installer

    Mga paps may netlimiter kayong link at cracc at pede po papm kung pano gamitin salamat
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    Closed Netlimiter settings

    mga master, ano po ang tamang settings sa netlimiter na kung saan maging stable lahat na browsing/YøùTùbé yung hindi ma congest ang speed sa net po. bago lang po kasi ako gumamit ng netlimiter. thanks po sa mag share at mag comment.
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    Closed Netlimiter

    mga bosing. sino po sa inyo ang may netlimiter dyan. pa share naman po. thnx
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    Closed Ask lang po about sa netlimiter

    May pisonet po ako 6 units po without server po or mikrotic router and etc. net ko o is Globe LTE po,lage po na uubos 50GB ko mga 2weeks pa lng. may nag advice sa akin ng DL ng netlimiter po. ask lng lagyan ko ba dapat bawat isang unit ng netlimiter? tuwing mg on yng pc automatic po ba na gagana...