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    Help How to kill connection na naka connect sa wifi niyo? like wifikill or netcut using ios or android higher ver

    hi guys nabubwisit kase ako sa pamangkin ko ang ingay lagi sa madaling araw halos hindi kami makatulog.. di namin mapagsabihan,. naka converge kami walang option ng block ip.. yung wifikill naman di nagana sa higher ver ng android at need naka root. meron po ba kayong workaround para marestrict...
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    Android App NetCut for Wifi

    Tanong sana ako mga boss baka may alam kayo netcut para sa hindi rooted na phone. Maraming salamat
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    Netcut modded/wifi controller

    Wifi controller,kahit di mo access yung admin once na connected ka makocontrol mo yung mga naka connect sa wifi.pwede mo idisable yung connection nila or limitahan yung speed ng internet For rooted devices only Netcut...
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    Android App Any suggestion for Alter apps like NetCut for unrooted android

    Mga boss any suggestions or recommendations na android apps like NetCut para sa mga unrooted device.
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    Closed SelfishNet or NetCut alternative, meron ba?

    meron nga ba? been searching for a long time here and out. thanks sa may alam
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    Closed Netcut

    Mga master may netcut po ba na pwede sa non rooted device ? TIA
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    Closed Ready to learn new things

    Any apk po na magcucut ng wifi ng mga nakakonek kahit di po rooted
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    Tutorial Netcut pro v1.4.9

    NetCut NB: For Upgrade user, please reboot your phone after upgrade. or click Exit in new version and restart. best way is to clean uninstall old version, reboot, and then install new version. What you can do with Android Netcut? 1. You can quickly detect all network user in WIFI, even when...
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    Closed Pamalit kag wifi kill (5.0 to 7.0)android version

    For ROOTED Users Only Arcai's Netcut search nyo lang sa google mas maganda po yan kesa sa wifi kill kase nag loloko sakin wifi kill lollipop version. Pwede pahinain mo lang connection ng naka konek at ilock mo para walang makakonek kahit alam nila pass ng wifi mo.
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    Closed Net cut limit internet in same network

    This application lets you Cut or limit the internet speed in your network. ANDROID Download Link: PC Download Link: Simple thanks is Appreciated.
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    Closed Netcut application

    Pano pag tripan ang computer shop at Ang kaibigan mo Requirements : Netcut application Rooted android device WiFi connection kahit hotspot lang Step(1)download mo yung netcut NASA baba ang link Pili ko pang PC or pang android Step(2)open mo yung net cut refresh then lalabas yung mga target mo...
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    Closed Smart(anti-blocked)

    Solution sa blocked 800mb limit ng smart! for PC user only "NetCut" -auto disconnect -Netlimiter follow instruction nalang
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    Closed Netcut - internetcut download na

    Trick your Friend in your wifi network
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    Closed Wifi kill

    Mga boss patulong naman po ano po pwedeng application para sa PC pang blocked ng mga nakakaconnect sa wifi? yung netcut po kasi nidedelete ng anti virus ko detected as virus niya kasi yung NETCUT. tnx po sa mga tutulong.
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    Closed netcut problem cant uninstall or delete aips (arp intelligent protection service)

    To all ka phc members good day.I want to share this small idea to delete aips.Just follow all the instruction below.
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    Gusto mo bang tanggalan ng internet ung mga nakaconnect sa wifi mo? Nagdodownload? Bumagal bigla? Gamitin ang netcut! Madali lang gumamit ng netcut. Click lang ung nakaconnect sayo tapos click ung Cut Off, Pwede mo iresume kapag gusto mo na. TRIED AND TESTED
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    Closed netcut - Little software can cut internet connections lan or wireless

    Little software can cut internet connections lan or wireless.If my software na tulad nito na nakapost na admin paki remove na lang po nito salamat. connection.
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    Closed NETCUT FOR ANDROID (Similar to WifiKill)

    Netcut for Android, Made by official netcut developer, With Netcut-Defender built-in released today, Only registered user in been notified at first place. Netcut for Android has been released. I am pleased to announce that “’s Netcut for Android 1.1.19” has been...
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    Closed Arcai NetCut [Own Your Wifi]

    NetCut is Tool detect who is on your network instantly.Discover who is on your wireless/Wire network instantly. (IP/Device name/MAC address), Iphone/Xbox/Wii/PS3andriod/andriod It is easy nowadays to share your broadband Internet connection with your friends and neighbors. All you need is a...
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    Closed Netcut 3.0

    Information: The most powerful netcut version (2.1.4) ever has been released. ensure 100% working under WI-FI. and ensure CUT OFF testing in all network environment. RISK CONTROL, detect network security, IP/MAC address mapping, SmartPhone/Iphone/Andrio/WIndows surface brand in your network...
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    Closed Netcut | View who use your wifi | ENJOY>>>>>

    NETCUT view who use/connect your wifi DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!
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    Para sa mga madamot na ayaw ng ishare ang internet connection nila sa ibang tao at para maview ninyo din at matanggalan ng internet connection ang mga ayaw ninyong share-an. Gamitin ninyo ito. One of the Cool apps collection ko ito. Enjoy and hit like. netcut Para naman po sure ng madefend...

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