need help computer problem

The term "need to know", when used by government and other organizations (particularly those related to the military or espionage), describes the restriction of data which is considered very sensitive. Under need-to-know restrictions, even if one has all the necessary official approvals (such as a security clearance) to access certain information, one would not be given access to such information, or read into a clandestine operation, unless one has a specific need to know; that is, access to the information must be necessary for one to conduct one's official duties. This term also includes anyone that the people with the knowledge deemed necessary to share it with.
As with most security mechanisms, the aim is to make it difficult for unauthorized access to occur, without inconveniencing legitimate access. Need-to-know also aims to discourage "browsing" of sensitive material by limiting access to the smallest possible number of people.

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    Help Need help for fixing fatal error in laptop

    mga boss at mam pwede po ba ko magpa tulong pg ikoconnect ko n kc ung hpi ko sa laptop in injector nagfifatal error po kasi eh pahelp naman po salamat sa sasagot sa baba po ung screenshot ung problema nya po
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    New Members Corner: sup.

    newbie here
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    Phelp mga idol.. pls check my problem

    Refer to the picture po. Ayn po ung problem ko. Desperado n ksi akong mtangal ung sweetpage nkkbwicet n ksi. Kya nag dl ako nung spyhubter pra dw mremove ung sweetpage so nag install ako nung spyhunter4 n ndownload ko sa piratebay. After installing nagrun ako ng scan tpos nfix ko ung mga virus...