need firmware

The BIOS boot partition is a partition on a data storage device that GNU GRUB uses on legacy BIOS-based personal computers in order to boot an operating system, when the actual boot device contains a GUID Partition Table (GPT). Such a layout is sometimes referred to as BIOS/GPT boot.A BIOS boot partition is needed on GPT-partitioned storage devices to hold the second stages of GRUB. On traditional MBR-partitioned devices, the disk sectors immediately following the first are usually unused, as the partitioning scheme does not designate them for any special purpose and partitioning tools avoid them for alignment purposes. On GPT-based devices, the sectors hold the actual partition table, necessitating the use of an extra partition. On MBR-partitioned disks, boot loaders are usually implemented so the portion of their code stored within the MBR, which cannot hold more than 512 bytes, operates as a first stage that serves primarily to load a more sophisticated second stage, which is, for example, capable of reading and loading an operating system kernel from a file system.

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  1. A

    Closed Need stock rom ni o+ compact pro

    Need ko po ng stock rom na pwedi ma flash gamit SP FLASH TOOL po need ko po talaga na bootloop kasi O+ Compact Pro ko.Salamat sa Makakatulong.
  2. B

    Closed Samsung galaxy tab j firmware

    Sino po sa inyo may firmware ng Samsung Galaxy Tab J Firmware
  3. A

    Closed Skk mobile chronos ace plus

    Pa help mga paps need ko po ng firmware para sa model na to please kailangan ko talaga.
  4. P

    Closed Need po ng firmware

    pahingi ng rom o+ 8.92 please
  5. S

    Closed Need firmware for cherry mobile flare j1 plus

    . kung sino meron pong firmware para sa cherry mobile flare j1 plus kasi na privacy protection ang isang cp ko .. naghahanap ng pin lock .. pa share naman ng link . thanks .
  6. D

    Closed superion scope 3g firmware

    Need KO po mga sir ng firmware ng tablet KO po cheery mobile superion scope 3g help po
  7. V

    Closed pa help po need ko po mga sir superion scope 3g

    sir sino po may cherry mobile firmware po para sa tablet ko.......:(:(:( suprion scope 3g model b180 salamat po