Brass knuckles (variously referred to as knuckles, knucks, brass knucks, knucklebusters, knuckledusters, knuckle daggers, English punch, iron fist, paperweight, or a classic) are "fist-load weapons" used in hand-to-hand combat. Brass knuckles are pieces of metal shaped to fit around the knuckles. Despite their name, they are often made from other metals, plastics or carbon fibers. Designed to preserve and concentrate a punch's force by directing it toward a harder and smaller contact area, they result in increased tissue disruption, including an increased likelihood of fracturing the intended target's bones on impact. The extended and rounded palm grip also spreads the counter-force across the attacker's palm, which would otherwise have been absorbed primarily by the attacker's fingers. This reduces the likelihood of damage to the attacker's fingers. It also allows its user to break glass windows without injuring their hands, thus are widely utilized in vehicle theft to break car windows.

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    Musta na kaya sila?

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    Sa mga naka PLDT F670L.. musta ang 2.4ghz nyo nakakaabot po ba ng 400mbps? pati yung sa LAN nyo?
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    Dito na muna ako maglalagi ! Ayoko muna sa nsfwph 🥲 iwas muna sa suga/l 😔 Anyways, kamusta na dito !
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    Musta na kaya sya?

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    Musta ka phc

    Kakabalik lang po kumusta sa inyong lahat😊
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    OMGGG BESTIESSSS its been a whilee ano musta na kayo HAHAHAAH tarot read ulit?

    GUYSSSSS nagbabalik HWEHWEHWE ano na, ano ganap char tarot read ulit tayo tagal ko na rin di nakapag-practice
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    G·TM Musta Magic Ip

    Wala na ba talaga guys si magic sarap?may pag asa pa ba?
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    Musta po

    Musta mga ka phcc
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      Hello mga Ka-PhC. Musta na po kayo? Magtatanong lang po ako kung ano po yung mga ganap sa nakalipas na halos dalawang buwan? Tagal ko rin po nawala at pansin ko na meron mga bagong trend ngayon. Salamat. *Pwede nyo din po gamitin itong thread para ma-orient sa mga ganap.
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    Musta mga lods na miss ko kayo

    Musta mga ka phcorner hehehe
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    Hello besties musta na kayo HAHAHHAHHAH astrology reading naman

    free astrology reading behhh láρág nyo birthchart nyo accurate dapat birthtime nyo bestieee wait guys nevermind sun moon rising nalng pala kailngan ko punta kayo astro(.)com behh screenshot then comment nyo
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    Closed Musta mga sir?

    Sana maging established na ulit ako. Naging busy lang sa work. Papasalamat pa din ako dito sa Phcorner. Kung hindi dahil dito di ako maka graduate. charot hehe
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    Closed Free net

    Paanu sim bug
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    Closed Kamusta

    kamusta phc, merry xmas to all ^_^ sana maging established member na ulit ako. busy sa work.
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    Closed Tagal kong nawala guys...miss you here.

    anu po bago ngayon??? hehe musta mga paps??? :):):)
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    Closed Estako psk

    Esta ko nawala ilang araw lang ako hnd naka open.... awwww Kamusta mga sir
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    Musta po ka ph?...

    salamat po sa pag aprub sa akin para makapag register... (y)