Modding is a slang expression derived from the English verb "to modify". The term refers to modification of hardware, software, or anything else, to perform a function not originally intended by the designer, or to achieve bespoke specification or appearance. The term is often used in relation to video games, particularly in regard to creating new or altered content and sharing that via the web. It may be applied to the overclocking of computers in order to increase the frequency at which the CPU operates. Case modding is a popular activity amongst many computer enthusiasts which involves the customization of a computer case or the installation of water cooling technology. In connection with automobiles, modding can connote engine tuning, remapping of a vehicle's engine control unit or customization of the coachwork.

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    Closed Modders pasok!

    Wazzup sa inyo mga modders! big YES! pinapatawag ko po kayo dahil kailangan ko po ng tulong nyo(obvious dba😅) so triny ko pong ilucky patcher yung bagong version ni Kínémás†ér para makuha ko yung ρrémíùm features niya which is no watermark at iba pa, sa kasamaang palad d po gumana at dko po...
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    Closed Mga modders master pa help po

    Pano po.echange color yong font po. thanks in advancea.
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    Closed Custom rom

    Patulong po pahingin ng custom rom ng OPPO NEO 5 or 1201 ... Salamat Po
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    Closed Xposed

    Hi mga ka PH baka alam niyo or meron ba kayong link nga Xposed Installer sa Oppo neo 5 or 1201 pahingi po
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    Closed Nova launcher moded sao theme

    MODDED NOVA LAUNCHER - SAO THEME - Tested for Rooted and Non-Rooted Phones - Tested for JB, KK, LP and MM OS Features: - FB Site in Right Drawer - Shortcuts in Left Drawer - Extra Music Buttons LINK: * Want Icon pack for Extra Theming? Download this: LINK...
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    Closed Scam alert...pinasok ang phc

    akala nya madadale nya ko..thread ni padojeff. after mo madl and open yun na.naka SMS bomb blocker lng ako kaya yan ang lumabas eto link ng thread nya
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    Closed APK Modding ^ Learn How Edit/Modify ANDROID Games/Apps

    Hello all PHC USER'S I will make this thread in order to build, edit/modify android application and games in here. Are you ready? LET'S START OUR DISCUSSION... Steps On How To Prepare Our Workspace: 1. Gawa muna kayo ng folder and let's named it as "APK MOD". 2. Download nyo yung tatlong file...