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Internet Explorer Mobile (formerly named Pocket Internet Explorer; later called IE Mobile) is a discontinued mobile browser developed by Microsoft, based on versions of the MSHTML (Trident) layout engine. IE Mobile comes loaded by default with Windows Phone and Windows CE. Later versions of Internet Explorer Mobile (since Windows Phone 8) are based on the desktop version of Internet Explorer. Older versions however, called Pocket Internet Explorer (found on Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile), are not based on the same layout engine.
Internet Explorer Mobile 11, the last version that was supported, is based on the desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 and came with Windows Phone 8.1. A new browser, Microsoft Edge replaced Internet Explorer Mobile in Windows 10 Mobile.

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    International Calls

    Hi mga ka Ph. Anong app po ba pwedi para sa international calls? yung free sana kung possible.
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    Help Blackberry 8310 internet

    hallo, how i can get free internet with my blackberry 8310 and smart? thx in advance
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    Help Help about modding

    help po about sa modding. pano ko po papalitan/moddified ang opera mini 6.1,6.5,7.0next,7.1 SERVER ? help pls mag momod po ako ng opera mini injected with freezone/encryption. thank you in advance PHC MODDERS TEAM , must appreciated