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Internet censorship in India is done by both central and state governments. DNS filtering and educating service users in suggested usages is an active strategy and government policy to regulate and block access to Internet content on a large scale. Also measures for removing content at the request of content creators through court orders have become more common in recent years. Initiating a mass surveillance government project like Golden Shield Project is also an alternative discussed over the years by government bodies.

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    Closed How to häçk pldthomefiber without any apps? just read this :)

    Sa mga ngtatanong po ng häçk ng bagong Default PLDT home Fiber, eto po.. TAKE NOTE THIS HEX CODE/MAC TABLE 0=f 1=e 2=d 3=c 4=b 5=a 6=9 7=8 8=7 9=6 a=5 b=4 c=3 d=2 e=1 f=0 SAMPLE You Scan SSID like PLDTHOMEFIBRb4870 you need to change b4870,the last 5 digits of the wifi ssid Use the code...
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    Closed About tm capping or capping in general

    may clarify lang about capping. di ba dapat makaka-connect ka pa rin even if may cap? pero beyond 800mb mabagal na? or di ka na totally makaka-connect if naka-800mb na?
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    Closed Cheap globe/trick/bug load w/ consumable data

    Hi mga ka PH, Good Day, Ask ko lang kong meron kayong alam na murang load/trick/bug na merong consumable data, good for Pokemon Go.. :) Salamat po sa mga mgshashare.. Thank
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    Closed help

    Mga boss patulong naman po sa http injector, first time ko nagamit, paano maka free internet gamit ang globe sim?
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    Closed Free internet sa globe for android jelly bean?

    Asus zenfone 4 po gamiut ko. sna po matulungan nyo ako sa pagset up nito. sobrang mahal po kasi ng load na
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    does anyone knows here how to häçk the c300 mobile internet. pls

    does anyone knows here how to häçk the c300 mobile internet. pls

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