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MMO Games Magazine (formerly Massive Magazine) was a short-lived computer magazine that focused on the massively multiplayer online gaming market. It was published by the media conglomerate as a sister publication to Computer Games magazine. The magazine's website was launched in June 2006, and the first issue hit newsstands that September. In January 2007 the magazine began to be published quarterly. Despite the build-up, only three issues went to press. In March 2007, was forced to cease operation of its print media, including MMO Games, as a result of an unfavorable ruling in a spam lawsuit.

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  1. J

    Suggest MMORPG pang PC

    Ano po magandang laruin ngayun sa pc na MMO ?? pasuggest po bukod po sa MIR4 . salamat
  2. Q

    Closed Android mmorpg suggestion?

    Any android mmorpg openworld na walang vip, walang battle points something like that na makikita kung gaano ka na kalakas (sana nagets nyo yan, di ko alam tawag sa ganyan eh. Hahah) , high community, walang madaming servers, ok lang sobrang daming channel. Or kahit na anong online game na...
  3. N

    Closed Mmo game inquiry

    guys ano magandang free to play na mmo o mmorpg ba yun tawag dun. yund di masyado mtaas and specs pang laptop lang
  4. L

    Closed Bots in toram online

    Mga sir sino po nag lalaro ng toram online dito me napapansin kase ako parang me mga bots
  5. R

    Closed Flyff awaken - version 15 (open beta testing)

    Flyff Awaken - Version 15 (Open Beta Testing) Server Rates: Exp - x3000 Drop - x1000 Gold - x500 Features: Old school Flyff - Parang PH Manual change job quests Manual teleport Red Chips - ρrémíùm Shop Red Chips = ρrémíùm Items Farm RC @ Azria or Coral Island (Tickets are available...
  6. J

    Closed ILLYRIAD !!! BEst game ever...

    Create New Player - Illyriad - Grand Strategy MMO try niu to... sure mag eenjoy kayo.