A meme ( MEEM) is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices, that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme. Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressures. In popular language, a meme may refer to an Internet meme, typically an image, that is remixed, copied, and circulated in a shared cultural experience online.Proponents theorize that memes are a viral phenomenon that may evolve by natural selection in a manner analogous to that of biological evolution. Memes do this through the processes of variation, mutation, competition, and inheritance, each of which influences a meme's reproductive success. Memes spread through the behavior that they generate in their hosts. Memes that propagate less prolifically may become extinct, while others may survive, spread, and (for better or for worse) mutate. Memes that replicate most effectively enjoy more success, and some may replicate effectively even when they prove to be detrimental to the welfare of their hosts.A field of study called memetics arose in the 1990s to explore the concepts and transmission of memes in terms of an evolutionary model. Criticism from a variety of fronts has challenged the notion that academic study can examine memes empirically. However, developments in neuroimaging may make empirical study possible. Some commentators in the social sciences question the idea that one can meaningfully categorize culture in terms of discrete units, and are especially critical of the biological nature of the theory's underpinnings. Others have argued that this use of the term is the result of a misunderstanding of the original proposal.The word meme itself is a neologism coined by Richard Dawkins, originating from his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. Dawkins's own position is somewhat ambiguous. He welcomed N. K. Humphrey's suggestion that "memes should be considered as living structures, not just metaphorically" and proposed to regard memes as "physically residing in the brain." Although Dawkins said his original intentions had been simpler, he approved Humphrey's opinion and he endorsed Susan Blackmore's 1999 project to give a scientific theory of memes, complete with predictions and empirical support.

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    sorry nga pala medyo malabo ng onti.
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    Me reacting to a meme

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    Help AI generated meme

    Random Meme from AI
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    Oo! Inaamin ko na!

    Ang sakit!
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    Cringe meme

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    Sila pala yun!

    Ctto. Tumanda na sila.
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    Inalis na po ni Asus.

    Salamat sa Asus Philippines. Inalis na nila yung storbong resort doon. CTTO: REDDIT/PH
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    Ganun ba?

    lowkey okay si homey ctto
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    Lunar New Year memes 2024

    Gong Xi Paka! 🧛🏻‍♂️ Kung Hei Batchoy! 👨🏼‍🍳 How to Train your Dragon social post era: Happy Chinese new year! 🐲
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    Tutorial New Memoji! Set of 2100+ animated meme smilies

    How do I use the smiley on the Post New Thread page? How do I use the smiley on the Post Reply Thread page? :ThanosPls:
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    yung gamot:
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    Mahal mo pa ba?

    Di na sure
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    Walang aamin, siya dapat maka alam

    Mga kaibigan ko: Umamin ka na sa crush mo pre Me:
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    A phone forged by the gods

    3310: No damage
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    Crypto Anong Meme Coin ka naka invest now?

    Anong Meme Coin ka naka invest now? 2024 Bull Run
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    Crypto MEME coin nag Bull

    Sabi ko na may potincial tong mag bull. Cgwo tataas pato hangang 0.1 or higit pa.
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    Old meme

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    Crypto MEME COINS

    Anong ma sasabi nyo sa meme coin may potential ba?
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    pa help po. Sa mga wala pa. thank you. 💋💋💋
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    Wall street meme. paldo nq

    Sino dito bumili? Swerte tayo.. wsm to the moon.. $6 bili ko now $29 na
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    Talaga ba Jhong Hilario?

    Credits to the Owner
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    Meme of the Day!

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    Meme of the day!

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    RIP meme king Cheems

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    Meme of the day!

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    Gawan ng meme

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    Ano Meaning meme na to?

    Yung old prof namen, tinatanong kung: "Bakit kaya ako kinakabahan para sa kanya" Patungkol sa meme na nasa picture. Any idea mga lods?
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    Meme of the Day!

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    Meme of the Day!

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    Meme of the Day!

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    Meme Packs?

    Sino may Meme packs or naka zip na meme's ?
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    Wala ngang bebe, meme lang

    Sa phc gags & jokes nga lang palaging natambay eh *Credits sa may-ari