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MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge (M3 Challenge) is a mathematical modeling competition open to high schools in the U.S. (including US territories and DoDEA schools) and schools with sixth form students (age 16-19) in England and Wales. It is sponsored by MathWorks (a developer of mathematical computing software) based in Boston and organized by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) based in Philadelphia.M3 Challenge awards $100,000 in scholarship prizes each year to the top teams. Additional incentives are expenses-ρáíd trips for top performing teams to the final event in New York City each April, and media recognition that the winning teams receive. Some examples of recognition: the winning paper from 2008 was published in the College Mathematics Journal. A representative from High Tech's team appeared on FOX Business Channel, 2010 winners were interviewed by Pimm Fox of Bloomberg radio, presented its findings at Lockheed Martin's Data Capture Center, and met with U.S. Census Bureau Director Dr. Robert Groves. Many Champion teams have had their solution papers and research published in SIAM's undergraduate publication, SIAM Undergraduate Research Online (SIURO). The 2011 and 2012 winners were interviewed by Pimm Fox of Bloomberg radio, and the 2014 winners were interviewed by both Pimm Fox and Carol Massar on Bloomberg radio. Many local and regional TV and radio stations interview top teams; and in 2021 both NPR and the BBC interviewed top teams about their work and the problem topic of defeating the digital divide and making internet accessible to all.
MathWorks took over sponsorship of the competition, formerly known as the Moody's Mega Math (M³) Challenge, from Moody's Foundation in 2017.

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    Report card ni Albert Einstein noong high school, proof na di mahina ang ulo sa math

    Lumalabas na urban legend lamang ang impormasyong mahina ang ulo ng German-born physicist na si Albert Einstein sa mathematics at science noong kabataan niya. Report card ni Albert Einstein noong high school, proof na di mahina ang ulo sa math© Provided by Naging mas makulay ang kuwento...
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    Reviewer Math Question worth 20 Pesos Load (Open to all network)

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    Reviewer Labas mga Math Wizard, sagutin mo may 20 pesos load! Globe lang haha

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    Closed Equal rush

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    Closed Mga ka-phc pasuk kayo lahat!!! pahinga muna tayo sandali... simple math trick

    Mind Trivia Math Trick muna Tayo mga ka-PHC Simulan na natin… Pili ka lang ng tatlong (3) numero kahit ulit-ulitin nyo yung isang numero, mula: 0123456789 Halimbawa: Ang pinili mo ay “012” Tapos i-add mo yung tatlong (3) numero 0 + 1 + 2 = 3 Yung sagot na “3” ima- minus (-) mo sa...
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    Closed Alam mo pa ba mag math? halika at tignan

    WORD PROBLEM: 1. One-half of Nicca's age 2 years fron now plus one-third of her age 3 years ago is 20 years. How old is she now?
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    Closed Help guys scientific & math formula to java

    Help guys!! 5 sample of scientific & mathematical formulas to java expression Salamat sa makakatulong po..
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    Closed Mahilig sa math? try this easy math question, but 90% got wrong answers!

    Let's try kung magaling ka sa Math :) Ano sagot nito? Cute ang maka tama ng sagot :D Hit like kung feel mo tama sagot mo. I will reaveal the correct answer Later :) Good Luck!
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    Closed Ilan ba talaga ang pakwan na nasa picture?

    Pakisagot na rin ang mga tanong sa baba. Kung lima ang sagot niyo, alin sa apat na pakwan sa gitna ung hinati niyo at bakit? A. Top and bottom B. Left and right C. Top and left D. Top and right E. Bottom and left F. Bottom and right. Bakit niyo hinati? Dapat bang hatiin?
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    Closed Pakisagot nalang po salamat MATH PO ITO....

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    Math challenge [para sa magagaling sa mathematics]

    Puzzle #1 Puzzle #2 if you have some math puzzles to share please post it here..

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