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In telecommunications, a protocol data unit (PDU) is a single unit of information transmitted among peer entities of a computer network. It is composed of protocol-specific control information and user data. In the layered architectures of communication protocol stacks, each layer implements protocols tailored to the specific type or mode of data exchange.
For example, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) implements a connection-oriented transfer mode, and the PDU of this protocol is called a segment, while the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) uses datagrams as protocol data units for connectionless communication. A layer lower in the Internet protocol suite, at the Internet layer, the PDU is called a packet, irrespective of its payload type.

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  1. A

    X-mas mac address

    WHO WILL BE THE LUCKIEST OF THEM ALL? Guys I'm going to give out 2 VIP mac addresses w/ node locking and up to 2 mbps speed! You can use this good for 6 months until a year. I vouch that these are non-s†éál and non-search addresses with free support for 3 months. This is for FREE! How to WIN...
  2. M

    Help Globe landline lte base mac pwede?

    Tanong ko lang po sa mga expert. Pwede ba gawin base mac ang mac address ng Globe modem LTE na landline.. ? Na khit area namin 3G papo. Pwede bayan ma hunt ?
  3. C

    Closed Status: connected but can't browse.. help!!!

    Some of Smart MacsPEMKeys na nasnipe ko ok nmn nman kaso minsan ndi ako makapagbrowse pero connected naman yung status nya sa device, need ko pa reboot yung device. after reboot naman connected n sya tpos mkakapagbrowse ako sandali lang mga 2mins lang tpos di n nmn ako mkpagbrowse reboot ko ulit...
  4. B

    MAC adress - QUESTION LANG ABOUT 22i 2010

    dead b tlga ung mac if sa connection status eh connecting pero stable signal... tpos sa wan status eh pendingDisconnect... meron kasi akong mac n ntry na 0% sa signal tapos meron namn na 50-70% signal pero hndi mka connect....
  5. D

    Closed ★★★[FREE] MAC Address ★★★

    mga ka phC ako po ay pansamantalang magpapaalam sa inyoNG Lahat .. :cry: :cry: :cry: :nailbiting::nailbiting: kaya ako ay magpapamahagi ng MAC ADDRESS !!!!!!!!!!!!! (y) ang mga mac address na eto ay na scan ko last june 30 , mga e8 series po eto. about 30+ at marami pang buhay pag pinaanak...
  6. A

    mac address

    hello! sino ang my mac adress jan kahit 2-3mbps...tga neg. occ po ako..tanx
  7. R

    mac address bm622m

    guys pahingi naman ng mac address para sa bm622m. manila area ako pm nyo sa akin thanks!!!
  8. J

    Colection Mac Kayo na bahala hati hati kayo jan ha

    Mga ka Mph share ko lang tong colection mac ko marami yan galing baol hati hati kayo para hindi mapok pok DOWNLOAD HERE-->> <snip>
  9. A

    mac bm622 qc area

    penge pong mac pls po.. kht 2mbps lng po.. Godbless po :)

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